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Tagging and Making News


I recognize your thought process with Adonis. Are you running two remotes? I am tossing melange in the same remote I score in to either make money or generate a run (sometimes both). Adonis is a better money-maker for sure but I like how easy it is to install an agenda over melange when a scoring opportunity presents itself.


Preach. Most of my Making News attempts never make it past the 54+ card stage - at which point, I give up trying to cut cards/optimize, painfully aware that the deck idea I have in mind is simply never going to work.

FFG sure seems to think so, as the hate already exists.

For real though, I’ve been trying out Making News tag-flood and I just find that Midseasons does the job so much better, for comparatively less investment. Plus, it gives you a really good reason to run Information Overload. A Midseasons-based deck is obviously a very different deck (I’m running slews of operation economy), but I’m just finding it more successful than any of my other ‘tagging ice’ attempts. If you can’t land the Midseasons in a game, you’re probably screwed (Siphons connecting cheaply = bad times), but it’s been performing much better than any of my other attempts thus far.

Have yet to try Gutenburg though, so I still have more fruitless testing to undertake.


How is that working out for you? I tried to run ChiLo in all sorts of different scenarios and I found it to be very hard to make work. At 3 cost, it’s actually not too fun to rez and sticks its self in a weird position of not being good in the early game due to the tempo hit, and not being great late because they can break your tracing ICE (except Bernice). I think it’s got a middle game window where it really puts runners off, but that made it feel very narrow to me. In most cases when I paid 3 to rez it, I think I’d have rather invested 3 credits in an additional piece of ICE.

Another feeling I have looking at your deck is that I worry you’d be very vulnerable to runners who decide to go tagme and dig RnD with something like Medium. It happened not infrequently to me and it stinks to have things like Virgo, Gutenberg and Data Raven suddenly be useless and have you scramble to get a significant stopper on RnD. This especially hurt against PrePaid Kate, and your deck doesn’t even pack in the Scorch kill option that might save the day there.

For now, I’ve abandoned the attempt to try and build a tagging deck based around tagging the runner solely on their turn and have switched back to Midseason. I think I’m looking for some ICE to turn up that looks like Draco, where it offers an ETR -and- a tag. I’d hoped that I could use ChiLo to do that with ice like Viper and Caduceus, but it ultimately was too fiddly.

Either that, or have some kind of way to gain money when the runner gets tagged. Some asset/upgrade that said “Gain 1 credit each time the runner gains a tag” would be awesome and wouldn’t seem too busted to me, since it wouldn’t stack crazily with Midseaon.


Yeah, I played some games with it and am not convinced. I’m still waiting for a taggy deck to be a real threat. Maybe I’ll revisit at some point. Your points are all pretty much right.


My current effort is the second deck in my linked post over in the untested deck list thread. I love tagging NBN a ton and am super excited to see if they give us any real support for the tagging archetype in the big box. We don’t really need more punishing punishment, since killing the runner, removing all their money and winning the game outright via psycho-beale is basically all amazing. We just need something to allow the constant threat of tags to be either more taxing or more profitable. The spoiled flip ID is very exciting from that angle :smiley:


I’d honestly give it a go in your Midseason deck. I’ve got it in mine and it’s a great taxing piece of ICE that doesn’t die to parasite and is cheap as dirt. It’s perfect over RnD to deter runs there for little money, and putting two over RnD is likely to either keep the runner out entirely or make them go tagme. It’s perfect in a Midseason deck that wants to enter into transactions with the runner that cost the runner more than it does the corp. I mean, the first time you rez it you’re down 2 and they’re down 2 and a click. It’s better than Data Raven in that respect.