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The jank that never worked

I’ve enjoyed playing brahman against skorp. Installing Lady + Brahman means you can essentially get into any server and then bounce your breakers back to the deck where Skorp has almost 0 ability to destroy them.

That said, recent Skorps have been toying with underway renovation and the NBN asset that can trash the top card of the stack.

I think there is a place for this deck somewhere in the mid-tables at Worlds. I think it runs Snare, and PriSec. Tagging ICE is good too, but other than Data Raven I’m not sure what gets used. DRT + Bankers protected by a PriSec is pretty nasty for a runner to pick apart. With weaker runner economies, asset spam is harder to keep up with. If the deck is green, scoring The Cleaners would be like Christmas.

I think there may be a AR security deck that uses it, since a yellow deck can run 3x HHN and Data Ravens as well.

I’ve tried to put one together myself, but I never got the balance right and kept running into slums when I tried it. Or maybe I’m wrong again. I want to see this work, but if it works I never want to play against it.

My entry for this is:
Valley Grid Negative hand-size kill decks

I tried several, and while I had a lot of fun playing them, and I learned a lot about netrunner from playing them, they were never particularly good at actually winning games.

This was always the ‘wait, let me get my combo out’ deck. But even if I did get my combo out, the runner just wins somewhere else.

Although I did once get a mushined Braintrust stacked by Queens Gambit, which I turned into a 2-token Braintrust. It still wasn’t worth it.


I got Foundry-Janus-Twins to work for a while - you can break one Janus, sure, but two? Foundry means you always have a second Janus to pitch. A Vitruvious counter let’s you force them through a third time, if you really need it.

It wasn’t great, but it was jank that worked. Rumour Mill killed it dead unfortunately, and now Janus is gone.

Dedicated Response Team
I tried so many times to make a deck that locked out the runner with DRT. I think the main problem was that it doesn’t trigger on successful run, so you need multiple to do anything. Influence was also a problem since all the cards that worked with DRT were in other factions. In order for DRT lock to work, you needed to keep the runner tagged, but if you could keep them tagged, there was much better tag punishment (Closed Accounts, Scorch, Boom, etc.).

This ice seems so good. The numbers are great, 7str code gate is very difficult to break/parasite and Trace5 ensures the runner will suffer the effect. 3 meat damage is no pittance either and can effectively act as an etr in many cases. However, giving your opponent a BP, especially when you were depending on taxing traces, was too crippling. The cards to prevent BP weren’t good enough and the more you rezzed Checkpoints, the weaker they all became.

Restructured Datapool and Private Security Force
What a combo! You can essentially lock your opponent down by ensuring you can always tag them and ping them all the while. However, this has two major issues:

  1. Datapool only works if the runner doesn’t have link or credits. Even if the runner is low on credits/link, it’s essentially click to make the runner lose 1-2 credits. That’s not awful, but it doesn’t effectively tag the runner for PSF.
  2. The combo depends on scoring 5 points of agendas without fast advancing. At that point, you have to ask yourself, what’s stopping you from just scoring the last two points?

These are just a few, and I may have tried them all in the same deck ;), but I’ve tested them in many decks without much success.


Paintbrush + Surfer + Nexus = Satisfaction


I did successfully use Paintbrush + Surfer + Quetzal + e3 Feedback Implants, so i’m counting that as jank that worked :slight_smile:


I did it both Kit and Quetzal. I bet it could work even better with Egret now!

It kinda works, but is mostly a really fun way to deal with deep servers. I may try it again someday.

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I’ve also tried to get DRT to do work, but invariably cut it for taking up too many slots for too little effect. The biggest annoyance for me is that there is no window to rez after access, so you can’t surprise use it with snare/Argus trigger on hq/rnd runs so it’s kinda relegated to shell game decks

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Sadly, Quetzal and e3 are rotated and Inversificator kind of makes a mockery of the concept.

EDIT: Actually Quetzal isn’t rotated, but Paintbrush is.

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The corp can rez DRT after their last window to jack out before successful run triggers.

In that case, the runner needs to have an instead of accessing option on the board (e.g. Bank Job) to avoid accessing after the rune becomes successful.

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Yeah, but there’s no window after access, so you have to rez if you think they may hit something that will give them a tag.


And if they don’t, they just go trash DRT or money up to avoid future tags.


I have to admit to being way too in love with Flare. Despite the 9 rez cost, and the difficulty of getting the trace to land, I still want to see it thrive in something (especially since it magically survived rotation). Maybe some horrible ArbTech Making News thing?

Right with @BubbaTheGoat on Valley Grid decks too. They’re so tantalizing, but it always seems to take too long to set up a deep enough server for it to matter. I’ve also found it a little frustrating trying to always have that ‘must break’ ICE suite that makes the Valley Grid server an actual threat, which winds up adding another link to the combo chain that has to be forged.


I must say, for no good reason Reconstruction Contract has certainly given me new motivation to consider Flare.

It’s not ACTUALLY going to make the card any better, but it’s a new plan!

Whirlpool-Inazuma-Komainu-Cell Portal with Akitaro in Server

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I always felt that there must be a “Feeder” archetype in Jinteki: Drown the runner in cards that they either have to install and not run - or run, but then discard a lot. Cards they then kept in hand were better targets for damage.

Unfortunately, I can not make it work. I had built a Palana deck with Agroplexes to have runners draw up, adding Mental Health Clinics to let them have a bigger hand size (punishing this with Komainus and Psychic Fields), capitalizing even more now with Personalized Portals and Anansi these days.

Maybe something is missing? Draining clicks so they can’t even install enough? Or money like Spark Agency does? I’d love to see this archetype working,


Have you had much success with going the other direction than Mental Health Clinic? A light sprinkling of brain damage would help make it easier to overwhelm the runner with cards and have them make more difficult decisions.

I suppose you could even build towards a win condition where you run the runner completely out of cards, making a flatline or score out a lot easier to achieve (Obokata seems like a bad agenda vs a feeder plan though! Hard to say whether you’d want to include it)

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I’ve tried essentially every kind of Weyland jank. But the thing is that most of it ‘worked’ as well as Weyland ever works.

The jank that I just got nowhere with was all runner based.
Deck that uses all the chess breakers, reina, the chess console, everything Chess. Garbo.
Darwin deck. Garbo except Medium was always broken so it would sometimes win because cat can make red deck win.
London Library -> Brahmin -> femme was another ALMOST kind of deck. Same for the 3 Deva breakers. And a baba yaga deck. basically any time FF was like ‘here is an alternate breaker method’ I bit.

Ultimate was probably my endless attempts to make Null NIFR work.

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One thought I just had…what about using Jinja Grid to get all the ICE on there then switch over to Valley Grid. Getting 5 ICE on a remote is easy and very cheap with Jinja Grid. It is probably worth the try…

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The idea behind Mental Health Clinic was to increase the value of 3 other cards: Personalized Portals (more drip econ), Komainu (more subs) and Psychic Field (more net dmg). Obokata makes no sense then, indeed.

The idea is more of an anti-damage deck, where the runner is stuffed with cards so they can’t really move at all. But it turned out that giving the runner a lot of their cards for free is still a bad option. Something is missing, like credit denial or click decompression - or those new NBN tools to bounce cards back to hand. I’ll call Fisk and see what he’s going to advise, but would love to get more input from you, @Sanjay or other deckbuilders better than me.