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The myth of "I Play To Win"


Yeah I downloaded it and skimmed through some parts. THing I’m surprised by is he’s really uncomplimentary to famous people who did the “way of the snake” stuff.


Thanks for posting a link. I hadn’t read it before, and while I’m not usually a Sirlin fan by any means, I can definitely understand what he’s saying. It seems like this thread has gone off on a tangent more about sportsmanship than what he’s really talking about, which is basically that anything that is a valid move in the game is fair play, even if it seems boring, cheap, or unfair to your opponent.

It reminds me of a local game I spectated a few months ago, where the runner had Turning Wheel installed and the opponent had a single Kakugo protecting HQ. I watched the runner take single accesses through the Kakugo and eventually die to accessing a Snare after tossing ~5+ cards to net damage over the course of a few turns. After the game, I mentioned that it may have been better to just bounce off the Kakugo over and over again to stack up counters until the Corp tried to score and then go for a deep dig.

The runner player conceded that this was probably the right move, but that it didn’t seem interesting for either player. Now obviously, this was just in a casual game between friends with low stakes, but you could easily see a parallel between this line of thought and what Sirlin described as “the scrub mentality.”