The Trace Five Online League

Hello everyone!

Trace Five has been going through some changes since we are back online and creating a lot of content for Netrunner again and one of the newest things we are bringing is the Trace League!!!

What is that you say? Only an awesome way to keep in touch with your favorite game (which should be Android: Netrunner by the way…).

You can find out more here through the “New Player Guide” that we have put together.

(Should you want to see more, you can directly access the excel form with all the necessary links too.

This was heavily inspired by the L5R Discord League which I have personally found to be simply amazing and great for keeping in touch with the game, even while being extremely casual.

We are planning on running the first test-run of this throughout December, so entry for the first season (TRACE 1) is already open. The submission form can be found at this link.

We hope to keep this interesting with weird (yet interesting) formats, cool prize support and a lot of improvements that will be based on the feedback given by the community.

Till next time…


It’s great you are doing that, I’m not so much an online player, but maybe…
It remind me a lot of SOCR and as well the activities of mrteatime: AlwaysBeRunning.Net - Tournaments - Decklists - Netrunner

Question: How do I play 5 games in a pod of 5 people? Or is the pod of 5 other people = 6 people?
So, you have a 3 weeks pod and afterwards a double elim? Will double elim happen on one day or over a defined time period?

Would recommend to create an online event for the league start on ABR.

Maybe you should collaborate with some others, there seem to be a lot online leagues event things currently. GLC also comes to my mind: AlwaysBeRunning.Net - Tournaments - Decklists - Netrunner


Hey Snoopy! Cheers for your reply first of all.

Thank you for also bringing to my attention those events as I was actually not aware of them. It is indeed very much like what mrteatime has prepared although just a little bit different in the sense that it will be recurring and people will have a central point to follow it through (the discord channel). I also was not aware of GLC, which I guess is kind of similar (even has the same central communication point). Damn, to think I actually did some research on this before launching it… Nonetheless, as I said, I got plans for different formats and special prizes among other things, so I am hoping this league takes off as its own thing.

The pod will be of 6 people (5 other people basically). That is something to be tested of course and as I said on stream as well last night, when I announced some of the new channel changes, the first season will most probably be a bit different since I am not expecting that many people to take part. It will be a test season of some sorts.

I have been heavily considering putting it on ABR so I guess maybe I should. My first concerns were just having a first test season as I mentioned before actually going all in with announcements about it. Which is the reason why I posted about this here as well; to get some feedback on it.

I am not sure about collaborating just yet. Speaking from experience, collaborating with others on Netrunner stuff has been amazing and has really saved me a lot of time of having to do everything myself, but for now, since I also want it to be a special Trace Five thing, I feel like I have to do this mostly by myself. I hope that my experience in organizing and community building (as well as running excel forms) will suffice for the most part and deliver us a good league experience.

In the worst case scenario, it becomes a small league that we run now and then with the fans of Trace Five, which is also cool.

Hope I’ve answered your questions and addressed all of your points.