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Top Competitive Decks Post O&C

I just played right now in the league against a Siphon Keyhole Maxx without any hate cards (well i had 1 Chronos Project but didn’t managed to play it) and it was as I said : If i can manage to dive down my cred pool below 2 creds by rezzing stuff he can’t trash easily (Eve, Pad, DBS, Sansan, Adonis), he will be starved by a poor econ engine and can’t put any kind of pressure anymore. Diving down from 15+ creds to 0 on a single turn then still manage to get back 7 creds on the next turn is amazing in HB :slight_smile:


it’s not the siphon I worry about. It’s that suddenly all my ice is gone :frowning: Or at least, that tends to happen.

That’s why you’re losing. Without the Siphon credits they’re broke and can’t do shit.


I played (and won) right now against a variation of the keyhole / eater deck with Double/Power Nap instead of Siphon and with Vamp/Wonton as HQ Pressure. It worked better I think than the Siphon version because it has a real econ engine who don’t rely on siphon to get money. In the end, I managed to win by scoring a Chronos Project after the Levy when he had only a single power nap in his trash but 9 other double + some other econ and his hades shard (gamble / liberated / LF who count as a double and an econ card). The key idea was pretty much the same: keep the runner poor and make the R&D run really costly (here, he needed 11 creds to go through the 3 ICEs on R&D).

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I ran in one of those in a store tourney in February. He wasn’t running Levy, though, so he was more or less on a hard clock to win.

Another reason I’m loving Leela is the fact that everyone is starting to throw Chronos Project in their Corp decks. Amazing vs Kate/MaxX, a blank 3/1 vs Criminal.


Thanks for all the feedback, ladies and gents. I do have to say, I am worried about cutlery shitting on all my ICE. What do you do to play around that? Even though Crisium shuts down the Eater plays, it isn’t stopping ICE destruction. What’s the tech here?

Architect is cutlery-proof and cost 3 creds to run through with eater. Place multiple ICE of the same kind of the same server with a taxing one inside and a shitty one outside (like Tollbooth => Quandary in NEH)

Any one have a good HB FA list?

An article on this archetype will come soon enough :wink:


I’ve been wondering if Escher is going to find its way into max or easter builds in general. It’s expensive to be sure, but what you’re describing sounds like a perfect use case for the card.

Levy + Escher == 8 influence. You also probably want an Hades Shard to close out the game, so it’s already 9. Have fun with your 6 inf left to make a proper econ engine who can work with Keyhole/Eater strategy.


3x gambit, Kate, gamble, day job, laundry, casts. Honestly, most of the econ in regex doesn’t cost influence.

The real question is legwork or clone chips for the final six. In max, it’s probably the clone chips. Elsewhere go get cutlery and take the legworks.

There’s space for Escher if someone wants it bad enough. If your play style is really that much of a silver bullet it’s likely worth it.

The thing is, RegMax doesn’t use a lot of creds to run and can play a longer game than Eater/Keyhole deck. The main strength come from being able to menace the remote from turn 3 and it rely on parasite/sucker to keep the ICEs thin. You can’t really afford that in a keyhole/eater gameplan because you probably won’t have the mu to play Keyhole, Eater, mimic, sucker and parasite. To do so, you will need a console, and by doing so, you’re just slowing down your keyhole / eater / cutlery engine and you should just probably play RegMaxx because it’s way more tailored to run efficiently (because no, eater isn’t an efficient breaker at all)

I have to disagree with you 1 to 1 on strength and break plus the ability to bust all types is efficient as hell. Say what you want about how Eater can be played around or hated on, but saying it isn’t efficient is a lie.

Now, making those runs worth a damn without access is another problem. But, barring Swordsman, you should never see a sub fire you aren’t deciding to just face tank. Facechecking damn ICE is literally the most efficient in the game.

Paying 6 creds to go through a Wraparound isn’t efficient.
Paying 3+ to go through any decent sized Code Gate isn’t efficient either.
Paying as much as Corroder to go through Eli but without being able to access and with an install cost of 4 isn’t great either (especially since eater build generally don’t play sucker).


Still disagree. It is a universal breaker. You spend 2+4+3 on a Corroder, Gordian, and Mimic. Three cards, 9 cred, and three clicks. Eater covers all these do at same or comparable efficiency, minus access. Wraparound IS a problem, but

Cut off… One time with Spooned. I do Not believe it invalidates Eater.

Sorry… Drunk. Knifed.


Damn. Quad post… Just wanted to mention I do LOVE differing opinions. Just adding fuel to the fire of discussion.