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Tournament Report: Delusions of Grandeur

Yeah, Closed Accounts would be nice to fit in. Especially if I had room for Data Ravens. But considering the influence cost of these it might be nicer to just run NBN. Otherwise, what would I use to tag them?

Furthermore, killing Kati Jones is frequently more important than emptying their econ. I feel like the cost of running against these Weyland decks keeps the runner econ down already. The problem usually just is all those credits accumulating on Kati Jones, just waiting to be acquired prior to running.

@Lluluien Yes, exactly, yes. And Data Raven would be nice defense against Kati Jones who is a pain.

And for a non-influence costing alternative, Hunter might also be a really good idea for dealing with Kati as well as setting up for SE.

Troubleshooter is amazing. It’s how you turn your money advantage into a winning position. Don’t be afraid to use it as an Ash/ Red Herrings as well: Sometimes it also lets you turn Enigma back on when they didn’t expect it or something similar. Program trashers are the best targets, but not the only ones.

Chimera is very god when you don’t see many Crypsis, which you don’t in my meta so it’s been very good. It offers you the fasted way to just start scoring agendas. If they don’t have the Crypsis or they just can’t get find it, it’ll some sometimes just win you the game. Even if they do have Crypsis, you still normally have a window to get an agenda off around turn 3-4. But yeah, Crypsis does make it a lot worse.

In all the games I’ve played Corporate War has actually drained my money once and has been delayed in my server twice until I got enough money about 3 times (I ended up scoring it for the money in 2 of those cases) . The rest of the time it’s either immediately won me the game (cause I got to seven), took all my credit’s to score (so no downside), been stolen over the normal course of events, or been scored for the extra seven credits. As you probably know, this deck’s economy is very powerful and resilient, so it normally does not have a problem sitting at around ten credits, so overall I think it’s a bit better than PSF in the non Tag N Bag version of the deck. It’s upside can be quite big, and it’s downside is not all that hard to avoid

Just saw a Weyland SE deck running Anonymous Tip posted as a tournament winner on BGG, which might be of interest for comparison. I personally don’t like the lack of Oversight AI. Sure, you lose the semi surprise with Archer, but you can easily score so many agendas before the runner can break through. I’m curious to try it out and compare.

I think Jackson Howard just replaced all my Anonymous Tips!!!
wow, such a good opening data pack!!

Most definitely.

Here is how you begin making a corp deck now:

Any Corp Deck Ever:
3xJackson Howard ***

Then add 46 more cards.


I think Jackson Howard might help WEyland more than any other corp, though he is awesome for all of them.

Weyland uses burst economy cards. Drawing twice as many cards REALLY helps the burst econ strategy.
Weyland uses Sea/Scorch combo. Drawing more cards really helps combo decks.
Weyland uses Snares. Shuffling Snares back into R&D really helps defend you against multi-R&D access.

This was my thoughts exactly when I saw Jackson Howard. Looking forward to jumpy Runners that get facial tics and muscle twitches every time they hear a plane fly overhead :wink:

For real, this is like the best data pack ever…!

Jackson most certainly will get his own office in my Weyland headquarter. The headhunter payed him good money (and toys).

I FINALLY can take out the 2x Archived Memories in my Jinteki deck. They’ve served me well.

Hey guys, after playing my first tournament today (RuhrValley Tournament in Bochum, Germany), I wanted to share my experience with a deck that is really similar to the one Sly posted. The tournament was fairly small with only 9 players. We played four rounds and I got 14 of 16 possible points. I only lost one game as a runner. So this deck was a really successful:

###[Weyland - Trapped] (49 cards)

  • [Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World]

Agenda (9)

  • 3 [Government Contracts]
  • 2 [Hostile Takeover]
  • 1 [Priority Requisition]
  • 3 [Project Atlas]

Asset (3)

  • 3 [Snare!] ••••• •

Upgrade (2)

  • 2 [Corporate Troubleshooter] ••

Operation (17)

  • 3 [Anonymous Tip] •••
  • 3 [Beanstalk Royalties]
  • 3 [Green Level Clearance] •••
  • 3 [Hedge Fund]
  • 3 [Oversight AI]
  • 2 [Scorched Earth]

Barrier (7)

  • 1 [Eli 1.0]•
  • 3 [Ice Wall]
  • 3 [Wall of Static]

Code Gate (3)

  • 3 [Enigma]

Sentry (8)

  • 3 [Archer]
  • 3 [Caduceus]
  • 2 [Shadow]

Built with [http://netrunner.meteor.com/]

As you can see, I put a litte bit more focus on scoring agendas (only 2 SE, no SS). I also cut 1 agenda and put in another Snare! and 2 Troubleshooters.

My first two rounds were against a Kate and Andromeda. I don’t remember exactly how these matches went but I won one because my opponent hit a Snare! with only 2 cards in his hand and in the other game I could score a GC, Priority Req and an Atlas behind an oversighted Archer.
Third round was against Andromeda. We both scored some points and I had to use a Hostile Takeover to rez my first archer because I hadn’t drawn a OAI, but that Archer trashed his third Crypsis (he discarded two in the round before). After I got to 5 AP (GC and an Atlas), he ran into a Snare! on his last click and I could kill him with Scorched Earth. Fairly lucky because he didn’t find one of his 2 Plascretes after drawing a lot of cards (2 Quality Times and some more clicks spent on drawing cards).
The last match was against my “training partner” with Gabriel. He knew each others decks in and out but after I scored some agendas behind an oversighted Archer, he hit one of my two Snare!s in my hand and didn’t clear his tag. I guess he forgot that i run Scorched Earth in the latest incarnation of this deck.

I guess some of my opponents were not the most experienced A:NR players, but this deck is really good at pressuring the runner into making mistakes because it is almost always scoring agendas early behind an archer. And a scored GC coupled with the economy transactions might be the best economic situation the corp can be in.

I never actually used my Troubleshooters except to bait a costly run from the runner, but I can see that this card can be game winning if it works. I really liked the 3 Snares because hitting a Snare against this deck loses the runner a lot of time that he often can’t afford to lose.

In my opinion this deck might be one of the best decks against criminals (at least before C&C), because it’s pretty good in coming back from an account siphon, it is normally really safe against bank job and it forces the runner to become reckless. I guess with Opening Moves I would trade the Troubleshooters for Jackson Howard. He’s just too good!


I developed a very similar Weyland deck to Narziss’ that I took to Nationals. Sadly, it got whacked by every runner with a pulse, though I crushed weak runners mercilessly. I was originally going to post it here and talk about it, but since it let me down management has informed me it’s been let go. Into space. Without a vacuum suit :).

But more seriously, in two games it gave up huge chunks of agendas from R&D while I was on match point, and the SE backup plan never worked. Seriously.

I still did ok overall at least, thanks to my undefeated Andromeda deck :).

That’s disappointing to hear; I’m sorry it let you down. I would’ve been curious to at least see the list.

I also wonder what semifinals Weyland deck looked like.

That was my league-mate Denny; I don’t have his exact list, but I’ll get it. It was an all-in tag-and-bag list. Snare, Data Raven, SEA Source, Midseason.