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Vague release dates, delays...disarray?

On a side note, Revised Core has a official date of December 14’th now.

From the same Upcoming page update, X-Wing Wave XIII has a release date of December 7 now, so maybe there was a release date published or leaked for it somewhere? Or maybe someone who posts to X-Wing stuff is very good at guessing release dates or something.

Wait, what? Now I want to read this. Gotta link for either/both?

It’s in one of the recent podcast interviews with Boggs, but I can’t completely remember which one.
I think it was Run Last Click, Episode 86.

The Boggs comment comes 36:30 into episode 87 of Run Last Click – Boggs walked into his first meeting and found out that Damon had moved to California, then spent two days finding out about all the changes that were coming. (They worked together over Skype.)

The L5R/SWLCG departure is reported here and talked about here.