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What beats NBN?

If it was possible for any deck to go 90% against NEH, then NEH would be a terrible ID.

Imo, if you find a deck that can go 50% vs NEH, then you have the best runner deck in the format (and it will almost certainly be >50% against most other IDs).

We’ve found it… but it’s standard Andy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well-built Noise decks and Parasite Gabe do at least 60% according to testing so far. Noise will get better with Inject for worlds, also. You can get that high with Andy, too, but it involves compromising your ability to play the long game against the slower decks, RP specifically.


Yeah agreed. Best luck I’ve had so far vs NEH is Noiseshop and having djinn fetching parasites and multi-access. Clear the way, access all the cards.

Care to share a Noise list? I’ve been trying old school Workshop Noise (2 PW, 2 QT, 1 Diesel, 3 Cache…I wanted to avoid the clunky Aesop’s/Wyldside business so I use QT) and I’ve done well against NEH if I have PW within the first few turns–famous last words. However, I’ve not too much RP success with it…

There’s a whole thread on Noise decks here (started by yours truely): [Noise] Welcome (back) to the Church.


Here is mine that has been doing very well (60 to 70% win rate in stimhack league)

Robert Sucks


LOL at the name, John


I like this. It’s pretty much exactly my list bar one or two slight variations. I prefer fixed strength breakers over crypsis but at that point it’s personal preference i believe.

Keep them poor, blow up SanSans, repeat…

As someone who has played NBN almost exclusively (Though I still play BN) Their ice is weak. Put pressure on them. Don’t let the AstroTrain leave the station. Get your breakers out early and run, run, run.

I’ve also found that Inside Job can really monkey up an NBN deck…

Also, the one thing I’ve noticed playing NEH is that players get agenda locked much more frequently. Especially if they can’t get that first Astro off. That makes their hands usually ripe with agendas. Just make sure you have some credits handy for the NAPD. I’ve found that a late game Legwork with 3-4 points already scored will usually take down the game for you.

Yeah but doing BOTH at the same time is extremly difficult. You need pretty much all your breakers because their spare influence allows them to include rototurrets/ichis for fun.
Running gives them money because it’s likely there’s at least one popup. And it keeps yourself poor because Lotus Field / Wall of Statis / Bastion are taxing enough (and they can concentrate most of their ICE on RD)

Well yeah, dude. It’s not easy, but that’s why it’s a top deck…

If you can spare the influence, Passport is a HUGE help when it comes to the lotus field problem. Knight is good on the Anarch side for it, and obviously Shaper has torch.

As far as the money thing goes. Dirty Laundries are extremely helpful as they let you get your run in and get some money, as is Security Testing. If you’re going criminal in general, your goal should be to out-pace them in econ and you should be able to do that without too much trouble.

Anarchs should just be burning down the house and getting in to whatever hole they can’t patch, and Shaper should be buying time by putting pressure on them until they can get their suite down, and then there isn’t much the corp can do about it.

NBN’s ice is pretty weak and if they are splashing these days it’s for Eli’s and Lotus fields. I’ve rarely seen a Roto and NEVER seen an Ichi. They’ll spen the bulk of their influence on biotics or scorches and then use the cheap influence to shore up with stuff that will slow the runner down long enough for them to get the train going.

Obviously these are all very generic strats that I’m sure someone of your knowledge knows, but I’ve never had a particularly hard time against NBN. Maybe it’s because I play with them so much that I just instinctively know the cracks.

NBN’s ice really isn’t weak, though… It’s taxing as hell. And I don’t know what NBN you’re playing that isn’t splashing Roto. Between Eli 1.0, Tollbooth, Lotus Field, Popup Window, Roto, and Caduceus, your runs are numbered–especially if you’re trashing San Sans (and forget about paying 4c/5c for those PADs and Marked Accounts).


You’re right. Might as well throw your cards into a big ol’ fire. Nothing beats NEH…

I never said that nothing beats NEH. I just said that they have great ice (with that amount of influence).


I’m finding atman at 4 with parasite support & inti really throws a monkey wrench into current nbn builds. Actually i’ve been finding atman at 4 with parasite support in general is strong against the majority of corp strats right now. RP, NBN, HB, Tennin…

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What you’re saying is that parasite datasucker is strong right now?


now now, stay nice :blush:

Yes, datasuckers and parasites are strong right now and have been forever but that wasn’t my point. I can rephrase, Atman at 4 is the most efficient way to get through lotus field and Eli without support, both of which are ubiquitous among the meta and especially NEH. Having a single breaker that can make eli 2 credits and lotus field 1 credit is pretty good.