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What decks would be in your playtesting "gauntlet" assuming you use one?

I’d swap “Control HB” out and “HB FA” in, and add Gagarin Space Junk (Museum Gaga with and without killshot) on the corp side.

You almost don’t need to rep the criminal matchup if you’ve ever been siphoned a bunch before, but I’d swap both Geist (solid tier-2 at best) and Andysucker (haven’t seen that in a year) out for Good Stuff Leela.

I’d also consider a Faust Noise.


NEH FA (maybe with mumba temple)
EtF glacier (maybe with jeeves and FA)
IG/Gagarin museum lock
Palana glacier/rush (maybe with batty)
SYNC tagstorm
Argus/BS (but there isn’t much weyland right now)

Dumblefork Whizzard
Eater MaxX/Val
Chameleon Hayley
Hyperdriver Kate (maybe with apocalypse)
Leela/Andy (but there isn’t much crim right now)


Your defiantly right about good stuff Leela being the right token Criminal, I had had to rack my brain for a deck worth putting in.

Good list! I don’t think BS can honestly make the list though even with the disclaimer, I would think the number of Employee Strikes going around would make that a non-starter.

I’d probably add your Siphon Whizzard list though. Strategic omission? :wink:

Dude just cuz some rando did well at one tourney with it does not make it good. Just look at that deck, omg lol it has no econ engine wtf just going to click all day for creds or somethin’?


Leela, like Val, is important to include in your meta even if the odds of seeing her are slim to none, simply because of how much her ability warps the flow of the game and how capable she is of randomly causing blowouts to unprepared corps. Same with NBN scorch/Son of Butcher Shop.

But I think Blue Sun is dead as long as two Strikes are mandatory in Whiz.

So since NBN got The News Now Hour, I can only surmise that Weyland is going to get a way better version of that card that’s 2 influence. Or maybe Weyland is like the first level boss of Netrunner, and Blue Sun is its mid boss form.

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Leela just took down a 60 person regional in uk


Alice was kind enough to take the time to show me her deck before I left; very glad she went on to win it!

Theorycrafting here, but when building a gauntlet, don’t you want to test what your deck might be weak to, rather than specific archetypes?

For corp side:
An assetspam deck (IG, Gagarin, NEH Temples), to see how your deck fares against passive pressure.
A glacier deck (RP, Foodcoats, Vegan Blue Sun) to see if your deck gets taxed out.
A rush deck (Titan rush, NEXT rush) OR a fast-advance deck (FastroBiotics mostly, but Titan FA or HB FA can) to see if you’re fast enough.
A dedicated meatkill deck (24/7 Convenience Shop, Titan rush with Meat threat) to see if you’re able to stay alive.

For runner side:
A lategame powerhouse (Nexus Kate, Haley BigRig, Stealth Andy) to see if you can win before they lock you out.
An econ-denial deck (Leela, Reina, Kim, your preferred flavour of Siphonspam) to see if you can withstand their merciless onslaught from turn 1.
An ICE-destruction deck (Noise with Clone Chips, Dumblefork, every Anarch ever) to see if you can win while your servers are being torn down.
A strong midrange runner (Leela, Andy, Valencia, Noise, most rogue decks that fall here) to see if you can deal with consistent pressure with no respite.

This will let you test your deck’s weaknesses, and in turn tune your deck to beat what beats you. In general, you don’t lose to a particular ID or play, but to an archetype. There are only so many ways to win at netrunner, so if you get beaten a certain way, figure otút why you lost, rewind and go again.