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What do you want to get out of Netrunner?


Welcome to the DadRunner club (again!). It may take a while to figure out balancing keep new life forms alive/happy and maintaining hobbies, but once that gets worked out you’ll be haxoring the nets again.


DadRunner here too. The posts from @waxbanks and @analogBrad encouraged me to try it with my eldest son, too. He’s 11 and half of his life his dad was talking about “that cardgame”. Let’s see if he’s ready now.


That was me. :grinning:
It was a memorable game for me too; I think I even got a Masanori and/or Desperado out after a few turns. It was a blast trying to consistently balance my starting econ to stay under 5 (including the 1 that Despy would give me before access!) but farming that MVT for free moneys.

And “many of my favorite games are losses” is one of my favorite endorsements of Netrunner.


My 8yr old actually enjoys the game. He has only played Runner but usually wrecks me. That’s mostly because I stay away from my Jinteki kill deck and it appears most of my other Corp decks fall hard to aggressive running. My Runner decks are pretty straightforward good stuff and he pilots them quite well.

Give it a try, you may be surprised.


So we tried some matches with the Core 2-Decks Gabe and Weyland. They do a really good job in teaching the basics. We had a lot of fun playing and he understood not only the core concept of the game but also things like “draw first to have more options”. He then wanted to test Jinteki and I built a standard PE but that was a NPE for him. He then asked to try NBN but we did not do that yet.