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Where is the MWL? - As of August 20th, 2018 - MWL 2.2 is here (effective 2018.09.06)

My mistake. Not a ban list, but an MWL change:

Breaking News
24/7 News Cycle
NAPD Contract
Eli 1.0
Sensie Actor’s Union
Mumba Temple

Rumor Mill
Cerberus “Lady” H1
Clone Chip

Temujin Contract costs 3 influence outside of criminal

A deck may not include both parasite and SIFR


For those saying the meta will always have problems: I thought the meta after the second MWL (after regionals) last year was pretty good. Then Blood Money came out right after Gencon and contained so many bonkers runner cards that the game has been wacky ever since, with corps either being bad or at least constrained ever since.

MWL updates can improve the game, but can easily be undone by crazy cards. To me, that suggests they should both update the MWL more often, and also try to spread out ‘power cards’ more evenly rather than releasing a ton in one pack. I don’t think it takes a genius to tell that Temujin, Rumor Mill, Paperclip, and Beth Kilrain-Chang are all really good runner cards - couldn’t these have been spread across several packs?


I like this a lot more than the straight up ban list. Without parasite Sifr is good, but not busted.

Found on BGG News about boardgamer fatigue as a general topic - and maybe we experience this especially in Netrunner right now? No new folks, a game grown too quick for the fast-living LCG model, players who played too excessively on jnet and got fatigued in the end?

[In] terms of pure buying power, it’s the people new to the hobby who are driving the industry’s growth. As long as we have more people entering this “honeymoon” period than leaving it, we will see industry revenue grow.
If, for some reason, the flow of new gamers slows, we’ll see it in the bottom line. We’ll see convention attendance level out […].

Or is it really just a couple of wrong design decisions that kill our beloved game?


I feel like the 3 reasons you mention, “no new folks”, “a game grown too quick” and “players who…got fatigued in the end” don’t exist in a vacuum in a realm outside of game design decisions. Yes they’re things that happen to almost all games to an extent, but because of that they have to be something you keep in mind as a designer, and something you design against. The reasons there are “no new folks” are almost all design issues: slow rotation, bloating cardpool, lack of support and learning resources etc. Ditto for growing too fast and player fatigue. These things may be somehwat inevitable, but the extent to which they occur is definitely something FFG and the design team have a part in, so they don’t completely absolve FFG from all responsibility. I don’t think the dichotomy you present between those reasons and the design problems people are bemoaning exists, and I don’t think painting the two as mutually exclusive is particularly helpful to the discussion.


Made a thread about the KoS rule set: KoS Rule Set: The Netrunner 'Fix List', Going Forward

A far fairer and better format until we get something from FFG.


Looks like that list I posted earlier got updated, and by a different source (now it’s by the person who basically leaked all of SanSan back in the day).

Since apparently I can’t quote myself with a spoiler…
The old leaked list was:

PPvP and Desperado off, Temujin and Bio-Ethics on.
Tier 3 of the MWL that was -3 per copy. Blackmail, Sensie Actors Union, Sifr, Faust, Rumor Mill

The new leak also adds:

Mumbad City Hall to Tier 1, DDOS to Tier 3.
And Power Shutdown is getting a errata so that you can’t choose a higher number of cards to trash than that’s printed as a cost on a installed runner program or hardware
Eli 1.0 also comes off the list.

EDIT: Crap, missed one. Updated.


No ES, eh? Sad.

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I have never thought one day the whole community want spoilers for a restricted list more than for new cards.


If this is true then we have a game again people! Jesus.

Didn’t really think i would be so happy.


Just might have to go play some Netrunner.


Eli needed to come off the list. Barriers are underwhelming with the prevalence of paperclip, most barriers that decks run are just vanilla and the occasional Wraparound or resistor.

I don’t think Faust is as big a problem as Sensie or Sifr/DDoS . -3 inf? Harsh.

Aaron still off the list, Pol-op becoming viable with the huge influence cost for Rumor mill, Desperado off the list?

Blue is the new orange?

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While the Faust inclusion seems harsh, I rather like the idea that I won’t have to worry about my opponent being at 10 credits and 10 tags with Counter Surveillance, knowing that their installed Faust and Obelus allows them to just access 10 cards off R&D whenever they so choose. With Mars for Martians coming, isn’t Counter Surveillance way too good in a Faust deck with a DLR shell?

I think this is going to be everyone’s biggest concern, but I’m not sure that Aaron is a problem for dedicated tag decks anymore with MCA Informant out. Not that I think it doesn’t deserve to go on the list (I’d probably put it at the normal tier 1), but I think I’d rather see Friends on there than Aaron right now.


Hmm. Not bad, but I’m not sure I like Power Shutdown errata. That IS a functional errata. And I love CI decks, even if I can’t pilot them well and/or beat them consistently.


CI isn’t going away, just the Power Shutdown CI7 version is. Hasty and Fashion are still a thing.


I want to confirm that MCA Informant feels really good and I think will mitigate Aaron somewhat with good play.

What obvious thing am I missing with this card? Isn’t it terminal?

Edit; oh shit. That’s rad design.

Yeah, but you can just install it on Aaron to probably get rid of him for good. The runner is considered tagged, so you can simply trash Aaron if the Runner does not get rid of the MCA Informant. And the only way to get rid of him is to trash the host connection. Either way: Aaron is gone.

Say what you will about Damon, but his designs are among the best and worst in Netrunner. All are interesting.

I’m sure he secretly loves the controversy they cause :slight_smile:


So early Slack chat response is saying these MWL changes will just push Yellow decks toward Temples and Museum.

Also talk of a DumbleForks using 2xTrope instead of Levy + SoT.

Get your predictions in now.