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Why Donut Is Never Played

heh… this
I played against a Donut deck on OCTGN a long time ago, when he first came out (was it you Johnny?). I had Subliminals in my deck and I just kept playing them.




It seems to me that operations economy was the mainstream until a few months ago or so - Supermodernism was much more potent back in the day, there were CI Fast Advance decks, even EtF might have ran Hedge + GLC + a couple of other events. I think in such a meta Donut could have been a right call. Between a) having to build around him, b) increase in Corp asset econ strenght, and c) increase in Runner event econ strength, I’m not really sure he’s relevant - two influence or not.

Another POV: a deck built around Taganes is slow. The Corp meta is pretty fast right now (sure, RP Glacier is slow, but you have a small window before they lock you out). If NEH is hit by Clot maybe Taganes will find his niche.


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Agreed. NEH and RP’s rise led to less operations. Granted, we have this deck, but, it’s from a different era.

I think he may come back, but, situational cards like this should be 1 INF, like Oracle May, Beckman, etc. THOSE are much better designed. Things like Donut and The Source, costing 2 INF and having detrimental effects on both players, are not.


I briefly tried him out during that meta, NBN decks were also very event heavy at the time. He was getting 4-6 uses per game, unfortunately he can’t hit the turn 1 sweeps/hedge so you’d be lucky to hit half the operations in the corp’s deck.

The problem I found was that he has to come out early and at that point he’s actually quite expensive. A card and 3 credits that don’t develop your economy or rig can really slow you down, especially when you consider you’re probably running a non-traditional economy with him.

++ Hopefully Lukas’ interview where he admitted that runner card design had been too cautious in the past means future cards like this will be 1 inf.


Link please? I’d like to hear that …


It was in Team Covenant’s interview from GenCon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al6PjQvuaU8

The relevant part is 14:00-19:00, but it’s a really good interview, so I’d recommend watching it all if you have time. I did slightly misremember Lukas’ words, but he says they’re deliberately conservative early in a game’s life to avoid new players being upset if cards get restricted - and compares to Game of Thrones, where the card pool is big enough that they’re happy to print cards that might have to be restricted if it shakes up the meta in a beneficial way. So it’s kind of suggestive that they could take that approach to Netrunner in future, but he doesn’t say so explicitly.


i have a hard time seeing him work outside of reina, so you have a layer of taxation going.

also backgammon is a fine game. All it requires is a fine glass of bourbon and someone you enjoy talking to.


Thanks! Appreciate it.