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Worlds 2014 - The jank that gets one through the Swiss won't hold up in the elims

Thanx. Details blur. I was semi-tilting, 'cause I wasn’t seeing what I needed, and I know how well RP destroys after that Nisei.

Sorry to disappoint the kids at home.

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the match is archived here btw: http://www.twitch.tv/ffglive/b/587100385

you might want to link to it in the OP somewhere.


i was disappointed. u made it up with report, cheers :wink:

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Congrats on your run Spags. Enjoyed watching your match. Its good to hear that most that went to Worlds had a great time.

It really is a bummer to hear about FFG Tournament Organization problems. I have a lot of thoughts about the topic but I’ll share when someone starts a thread about it.

Hopefully we can play some online when I start preparing for Store Champ season.


Great, wouldn’t expect different fom you! :+1:

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Nice report, I only caught the second game between you and Dan on stream but I really enjoyed watching you guys play and keep it casual with the banter back and forth. After the game I was really rooting for a rematch in elims. Shame you went out so early on double runner games vs NEH :frowning:

That record through Swiss is really something to proud of though. Congrats!

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Thanks, Jesse. Sorry you couldn’t make it. I was THIS close to the rematch with Dan, which is what I really wanted.

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I met you at the thurs. draft and enjoyed playing with you. curious who this axul dude was but it doesn’t really apply to me. glad to see you faired well and appreciate the write-up. good thing the snow-storm waited a day.


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Scott, thank you so much for your kindness and making this trip such a blast. Many laughs were had, and now it makes me wish we were closer so we could play more often in person. I love OCTGN for what it is, but the human element brings so much more. Regardless, congrats on doing so well throughout the tournament, and it was a absolute Canadian pleasure to meet you, Aaron, and the Hot Tub crew.



drops mic


Spags, congrats on your run in Swiss. It was a pleasure to talk with you the few times I did (I never formally introduced myself [too tired for social skillz], I was the guy in shorts and who’s eyes were more bloodshot than someone who’s been chain smoking joints for a month straight).

This weekend was phenomenal, sadly my Netrunner tournament did not go as well as I hoped (got a little rattled after getting swept by Zach [who got top 6] first round), but I had a blast playing every game. Everybody I played against and talked to was absolutely amazing.

I have two big things that make me sad about this weekend, though:

1.) That it had to end.
2.) That I didn’t join the hot tub crew.

Oh well, always next year to fix that second problem!

(And congrats, again!)

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I was surprised by the number of Canadian players. I might have to keep an eye open for next year’s Toronto regionals so that I can make a triumphant return to my own country.


i had a chance to meet and play with @d1en and i can vouch for his canadian-coolness


Ross, I knew who you were. Glad to meet you in person. Sorry you had to go through the Zach buzzsaw; brutally strong player who enjoyed my Macho Man playmat, so, big ups to him.

Didn’t throw a shout to my man @Sirris. Really good guy who also happens to be fantastic at ANR. Shame he’s a Lions’ fan.

We made up an OCTGN playmat for @Nordrunner. If you haven’t seen it, it’s truly a sight.

Good seeing @Ajar. Damn shame we couldn’t grab some beers. Next time.


I noticed it on bad pub’s twitter. It’s amazing.


I heard about it before the tournament started and got to sit right next to Nord first round. What a pleasure to behold.

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You’re an asshole for writing the best possible tournament report ever before I post mine. I’ll just have to put it up on the main site now so I can supercede it when mine is done.

…shots fired!


That’s why you have that ‘Stimhack Author’ badge.

Abuse it!

I got to play against him, which gave me the opportunity to point out my addition to the chat box messages. :smiley:


Wonderful report, Scott. It was a pleasure to talk with you and congratulations for accomplishing a very impressive run.

That Macho Man mat was once again a highlight of my tournament experience!

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