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Worlds 2016 - Legend of the Threepeat

what tech?

Slums, Achives Interface, Siphon, being Whizzard… Take your pick. I think the field will tech against Museum pretty heavily, as long as the next MWL update doesn’t dismantle those decks.

Without Whizzard, slums/archives aren’t really that great. So we’ll see a lot of whizzard.

Unless some card comes a long that is a super hard counter, yeah. I’d expect that’d be the case. The Whizz is still very solid. Anarch as a whole really is.

I think Faust will hit MWL, or Chronotype will. If that happens, Whizz just drops Career Fair for Dirty Laundry and isn’t really that much worse off.

I wonder if anything comes off the MWL to help Criminal or Shaper out? I’m not sure Damon has seen his error on Desperado yet, but maybe?

Whizz plays career fair? Last Dumbdeck I saw was running 3 clone chip, 3 parasite 1 Levy, as if mocking the MWL.

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Damnit stop talking about this so early I miss it too much


Original version had 3x. But, yeah, cutting them to fit in the third Clone Chip is something I’ve seen. My point is that it could come right back out if Faust hit MWL.

Yeah, let’s turn this into another Faust/Museum thread instead of talking about Worlds. Oh not wait…


I’ll be that dolt, but only if I get some sort of astronomical odds for myself.


Posted information on when tix for Worlds go on sale. Ling and short of it is:

July 5th @ 8:00AM Central Time
July 6th @ 2:00PM Central Time
July 7th @ 8:00PM Central Time

I will not be able to post the link on the 5th because I will be on a plane. Can someone take care of that for a brother?

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Also note that netrunner is on Thursday and Friday. Star wars has the weekend spots now.

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More specifically, the Ice Breaker tournament is on Wednesday, the Championship is two days - multiple (unspecified) rounds on Thursday, then 3 rounds Friday followed by top 16 cut. 2 PM on Friday is a “special event” that’s not specified yet, presumably so people who are not in top 16 and not interested in watching their games have something fun to do.

@spags this might suggest King of Servers on Saturday? Leads into heavy partying that night followed by flights/drives the next day.

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Changed the formatting a bit and posted up the event schedules. Does anyone have a more clever subtitle for this thing?

i’m planning to be there.

If King of Servers happens again (@spags), i’m down for it. This time I wont be an idiot and not be able to do worlds too.

Get ready for honest netrunner. :chamillionaire: :chamillionaire: :chamillionaire:

Preface for KoS - If anyone wants someone planning to be notably drunk by the end of the tournament, and willing to play whatever IDs you wanna give me… I’m around. <3 xoxo


Professor? Honestly, I was disappointed that none of the teams last year played all three of the independent factions plus Professor.

fuck professor.

even i wont touch that garbo id.

thats saying a lot.

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Professor was King of Swiss in the Stockport Regional at the weekend along with Blue Sun. (66 players)

Just sayin’


If we do KoS, I’m down to stream with @sotomatic again.


Get off this site now.:smiling_imp:

Also, have you seen this deck?


Sure it’s the only decent build type for Prof, but it is quite decent. Just sucks hard against IG.

My team contained the only Professor in the tournament (@gumOnShoe).

Spoilers: He didn’t win much.