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So. That Josh. Boyyyyy oh boy, does that Josh ever. And does he stop? Does he think "Huh, haven't I enough? Maybe I shouldn't?" NOPE. FLAT OUT NOPE. Just "More of that, then!" and "I'll keep that up!" - it's, frankly, intolerable.

Now, Josh wasn't always so much of a. He used not to! And he often wouldn't, and we'd say "Hey - Josh. Good on ya, not doing that." "Well, shucks" would be his only reply; "I guess I was jes' raised right." Oh Josh of yesteryear! Oh Josh of the Old World, that Shining City on the Hill! We'll never see you just NOT as once you didn't.

Eventually, perhaps, new spring - the pupal Josh we must deplore become that Josh we loved once more. (Euphony + 3). Maybe you'll pledge not to - promise no more of - guarantee a ceasefire regarding.


Or maybe not.

Either way, will it ever be the same?


Or maybe yes.

But likely no.