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So how do you run the Corp in when you don’t want to take Jackson as your one card?

I know back in the early day of the game, people had to deal with this question all the time, and I even found a thread from back in 2014 where people wrestled with this question:

But I’m curious how in the current card pool – but playing with the format – do you build a Corp deck that is not crippled and how do you play the game?

They’ve been publishing several weaker Jackson replacement cards for agenda flood, so this might be an opportunity to try some of them out. You’d probably use one from whatever data pack you choose (maybe?).

Things like:

  • corporate shuffle
  • disposable HQ
  • special report (probably best)
  • Alexa Belski
  • preemptive action (personal fav)

The other part of Jackson is the draw part. Anonymous Tip is probably easiest, but Jinteki could use heritage committee. Tutors for things could help if there’s something specific you want to dig for (Fast Track, etc). Or you could play a rush deck that doesn’t mind agenda flood as much - my Argus deck used Jackson to find agendas more often than it got rid of them.

These thoughts from an ETF perspective.

Corporate Shuffle is two influence and seems pretty click intensive, but it does come in a pack with NAPD Contract and Quandry, so it gets access to other good cards.

Disposable HQ is one influence, which is good, and for my ETF deck gets me Advanced Assembly Lines and maybe Corporate Sales Team.

Special Report is two influence and (like Shuffle) you might end up drawing more agendas right back into your hand – if you are using it to try to manage the location of your agendas.

Alexa - two influence – might be most promising, although certainly limited in important ways, as one of my ETF decks already uses this datapack.

Preemptive Action – Zero influence great, but it is the only card in this pack that I would want to play, meaning I might as well use my 1 card on Jackson.

Thanks for the ideas. It feels to me like I need to figure out some play style changes to go along with hunting up some substitutes if I want to figure out how to play in a world without Jackson.

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Also, Sensie Actors Union and Daily Business Show. Man, NBN has all the tools to deal with flood.


Hey FightingWaloon! I take it you moved here from the wreckage of Conquest?

Yes. Loved that game, but don’t have a local meta and was not super excited with the meta at the end of the game. I’m a noob in this game but hope it will live long enough for me not to totally suck at it.

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At least DBS is only 1 influence. I expect to put it in almost every deck unless something better hits before rotation.