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120 New Banana IDs - Trope-icana, The Future Parfait & Replantain

  • Bhanannon Claire
  • Shipment from ChiQuita
  • Tallie Me Perrault




Potassium Shortage - $3
NBN operation, 2 influence
The runner may pay $5. If they don’t, they can’t make any runs during their next turn.


Bonanza Barnes
Plantain Farm Overlord
Once per turn when you make a successful run on HQ you may play or install a card that has been removed from the game, ignoring all costs. If you do, cut that card up with scissors when the game ends.


That seems like a sweet ability. I’d love to see an ID deal with RFG mechanics. It’d probably be pretty busted though due to Levy alone, not to mention Fan Site + Artist Colony & Shadow Net shenanigans.


I thought at first these ideas were just monkeying around, but they have real appeal and have grown on me a bunch. You all have planted the seed of something sweet.

(also: OMG- what did I start?!)


Not to mention the economic benefit to FFG from players cutting up cards to win games! You know those (broken) Skorp players will be sweating bullets when you plop Granny’s old sewing scissors onto the table. “Rebirth, eh?” “Yup.”


I just want to say that I think our banana criminals should be called criminanas.


That’s only if you call Anarchs : Bananarchs.

Rebel fruits.


One thing I’ve been thinking about is if RFG needs to have an actual name (similiar to “exile” in MtG)

I know doing that makes one more keyword a thing (grip/hq; archvies/heap, etc) but all of those decisions were done (I assume) with immersion into the Android World in mind.

Clearly the it should be called the Banana Server.

Skorpios will now say, “After a card is trashed, once per turn you may send it to the Banana Server.”


I think that would go a long way towards improving public perceptions of Skorpios.


I’m not saying that that should be a thing, but when I banana my Levy or my Mining Accident, I know they’ve gone to a better, happier cyberspace.


Wasn’t viking’s heaven called Banhanna ?


The indian one is called Near-banana.
Pretty much a fitting description of what are heavens in my opinion.



Banana: Netrunner is a 2-player non-extant card game game set in the Bananaverse.


Sorry, not sorry - you’re welcome?