120 New Banana IDs - Trope-icana, The Future Parfait & Replantain

I am ordering a massive amount of card sleeves and deck boxes for my A:NR collection and was wondering how many new IDs will come out in the next cycle? (I try to have one deck box with fully sleeved cards for each ID lying around, mostly filled with double sleeved proxy cards. My gaming group prefers it that way). I know off a new NBN ID and I am guessing a new Shaper ID will come as well, but do you know of any more?
Should I expect one ID for each faction?
Or are there only going to be 2-4 new IDs?
What are your thoughts?

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Nobody knows and one can only guess. I’d be surprised if it was only 2. After the Spin Cycle, Lukas originally remarked that the lack of IDs for all factions was met with disatisfaction from most players, and that they would therefore put 1 ID per faction in every cycle, but Damon has not been using that same approach. I’d be surprised to see only 2. Except 4-7, I guess?


I’m going to guess that we will see 1-2 in the first pack, probably including Shaper, and several more scattered throughout the cycle. I think (hope) HB will get one, too.

We had new IDs for Jinteki, Weyland, Anarch and Crim in the last cycle. So I guess we might get NBN, HB and Shaper.

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I confess I don’t understand why they don’t just do one ID per faction per cycle, when the next rotation hits we’ll be losing a lot of IDs…

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Best confession evah! :dizzy_face:

I think designing new IDs is probably really hard.
There are a couple of “bad” ones that didn’t really shine when they came out, nor after first rotation (Jesminder, Khan, Nero, Haarpsichord, Harischandra, etc.) I rather have 120 interesting and good cards then 7 new IDs that don’t really work.

I think @adquen is right: new HB, new Shaper and new NBN is my guess too.


Yeah, I do hope that they don’t print new ID’s just because they have to, they focus more on printing good ID’s.

Although what the heck would they have to print to get people away from CI/Hayley/CTM?

I rather have 120 interesting and good ID than 7 new cards that don’t really work.

I would not want 120 good IDs. The meta would be too open.


Though, the Captain Obvious-like “whatcha prefer between 120 good things vs 7 crap things” was what made me post.

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Hey why not, they could print a cycle made up ONLY of IDs, see how that goes! :stuck_out_tongue:

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The ugly face of Cappy Oh!

Rebirth is going to be bananas in this 120 ID world.


You could probably Rebirth into a banana in a 120+ ID world.


I bet ya could banana into a 120+ in a Rebirth ID world.


Good stuff Bananarch is easily T1.5

  • Trope-icana
  • The Future Parfait
  • Replantain

You could have a bunch of cards, let’s call them banana cards, which cost influence, so for most runners it’s like importing lucky find into their deck or some other neutral cards that cost influence. But then you have three IDs - a banana criminal, bananarch, and banana shaper - whose special ability is that they can use banana cards without paying influence

  • Neural Banana
  • Bananadu
  • Akitaro Banananabe
  • Banana Agroplex