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Why Skorpios is bad for Netrunner

To run the nets is to be always already entangled in those nets, unable to run. To play corp is to open up your body, your corp(se) to ever more persistent runs, mining data from deep within.The agendas overwhelm, they flood from your corp(se) into the maw of your archives. And yet the Same Old Thing again. To be a corp(se) is to have the runs.

Derrida out


Alright, m8. I’ll raise you a bit from Of Grammatology:

If the theory of Cybernetic Imaging is by itself to oust all metagames—including the concepts of Sol, of Life Imagined, of value Neural, of server choice, of MU—which until recently served to separate the machine from man, it must conserve the notion of Technical Writer, Trace 4, Astroscript Pilot Program, or Psychographics, until its own historico-metaphysical character is also exposed.



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Man, I could spend all day doing this! Love it.

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Runner ID: Estelle, hateful woman.
One per turn, spend an action to ring for the bellhop. He will not answer.


Let us imagine that moved by jealousy, curiosity, or vice I have just glued my rig to the server and run through a keyhole. I am alone and on the level of a non-thetic R&D run. This means first of all that there is no access to inhabit my successful run, nothing therefore to which I can refer my agendas in order to score them.


I vastly prefer the direction this thread is going now.


We’re not far from this becoming Art-Haus Netrunner. I need to find my beret and some bongos. Oh, and a black turtle neck.

I do find it interesting that of all the threads, this one has taken on a life of its own.

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“My gerbil could write a better treatise.”

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There is life on Mars.

Gosh, I just found the future name of my next MaxX tower yolo deck. In a Skorpio thread. Who could believe that.

“The Board had not always been so…reactive. But these were old men; and old men tire easily in the struggle for traction on the surly slopes of prediction. It was much easier for them to make decisions after events had transpired. The past was much kinder to the uber-elders of the Board—with their Klein-bottled pockets—than the future. Limitless resources can practically render the past in present-time. Skorpios was the child construed in their image. The times of the past-predictive future made way for the more reliable reactive present. The limit of the new mode approached Heisneberg’s nearly negligible rim of uncertainty. These remain the margins of our time—all that is left for those who intend to move and there, thereafter, be.”

Rubbish! Skorpios is Skorpios’ own worst enemy. Life will always adapt to the margins against which its survival is measured. You perceive the new rim as negligible only because your sense of proportion is ill-suited to it. To native eyes, entire universes may exist in these margins. Still not following? Let me spell it out for you. One, prevent. Two, mitigate. Three, minimize. Four, switch it up. Got it now?


That thread has gone bananas.

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i lost it at “Tallie Me Perrault”


You should make a Skorpios deck just to call it « De quoi Skorpios est-il le nom ? »

Or “This Skorpios is not a Skorpios”

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My actual T2 Skorpios deck is a morph Skorpios called “Crocodile Dundee” :slight_smile:

“This is not a knife.”
(played full sentries before)

-edit- oh ! I see what you did there !
Yeah, there are definitively common points :slight_smile:

It removes things from the game with autority, is not very effective and nobody loves it… Its best defense is end run or trash, and it’s a rush id, haha :smiley:

-edit- and it’s short. Oh boy, you will have problems, really big big problems !

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It turns out it was bad for Netrunner, it’s just that the wrong people were running Netrunner.

Case closed.


It isn’t good for the game, simply because it gets an auto-win verses Maxx and Exile and some runner builds. Much as Whizzard wasn’t good because he got an auto-win versus near Earth hub and the like. Of course, the creators tried to combat Whizzards effect by making asset spam so out of control stupid that even he couldn’t keep up. (They should have just errata’d Whizzard and kept asset spam in its place).