18 Corp plans

Runner decks don’t really need a plan. They can show up with a bit of everything - money, icebreakers, multi access, etc. and be able to beat any Corp deck that follows the same approach. The corp has to respect that the runner is not just gonna let them score agendas for no reason, so they have to have a plan to win. Here are 18. Sometimes there will be more than one plan in a single deck.

Money kill - Flatline the runner in a single turn; this deck requires you to have more credits than the runner to make it work, like SEA source plus Scorched Earth.

Board kill - this is where you set up pieces on the board that will let you flatline the runner in a single turn, like firing two Ronins on the same turn.

Time kill - try to deny the runner the chance to recover (drawing or clearing tags) after hitting a non-lethal trap so you can flatline them next turn.

Brain drain - deal brain damage a few at a time / over several turns to the runner until it exceeds their maximum hand size.

Bleed - Force the runner to keep drawing until their stack is empty (usually by damaging them), then you can flatline them with damage they can’t recover from.

Dilemma - Force the runner to guess something with severe consequences for guessing wrong. Did you mushin a mandatory upgrades or a cerebral overwriter?

Program destruction - Destroy the runner’s icebreakers so they can’t get into your servers.

Rush - use cheap ice with end the run subroutines to try and score your agendas before the runner gets their icebreakers out.

Fast advance - score your agendas the turn you install them (eg. with Biotic Labor) so the runner doesn’t get a chance to run at them.

Never advance - use agendas that only need 3 advancements so the runner doesn’t know if they’re assets or agendas before you score them. Then the runner might waste time running into servers that don’t have agendas.

Always advance - use advanceable traps so you can disguise your agendas as traps. Unlike the dilemma plan, the point of the traps is not necessarily to kill the runner, just to slow them down or scare them off from running.

Traditional glacier - use taxing ice on your scoring servers and defensive upgrades like Ash to multiply the cost of getting into the server so the runner can’t afford to get in.

Ice econ glacier - use econ tricks to get better ice than what you paid for (like next ice or oversight AI) to make your servers expensive.

Server lock - make a scoring server that the runner can’t get into without dying or can’t get into at all, eg. Valley grid or IT department.

Credit denial - proactively reduce the runner’s credits so they can’t afford to run your servers.

Facecheck - instead of relying on hidden information about agendas, use hidden information about ice. Try to get the runner to run into ice they’re not ready to break.

Combo - try to acquire a particular combination of cards in hand that will let you win the game all at once, usually scoring 7 points in one turn like psychographics and project Beale.

Horizontal - make a large number of servers and exhaust the runner’s resources from them trying to check them all.


Of course Runner decks need a plan. Viable Runner plans include remote camping, Clot recursion, econ denial, ice destruction, DLR, consistent R&D lock, Big R&D dig, stacking successful run effects, a toolbox of silver bullets, and being Noise.

Sure, you can combine multiple plans but Runner absolutely cannot show up with a little bit of everything and expect to do well.


PPVP Kate had an econ engine, could recur clot, could camp remotes, could destroy ice with parasite, could steal agendas from HQ with Legwork, could make big or small r&d digs with RDI, makers eye and indexing, could use a toolbox for specialised icebreakers etc. If Spoilers was a green card, you could stick it in a PPVP Kate deck and now have a way to sometimes steal agendas from archives without needing any extra support.

I will admit there are some runner strategies that do need to be used linearly - credit denial or hyperdriver keyhole or game day bagbiter, etc - but you can ignore all these and just build a generic good stuff runner deck if you prefer.

I feel like this could be pared down to a four item list:
Fast Advance


That is why PPVP Kate got shafted with the MWL. :wink: