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1st King of Servers in Europe + Regular Tournament in Berlin

as far as I’m aware of…


we are running a 2 day event in Berlin Germany.
1st day regular Netrunner
2nd day King of Servers for 3 Players Teams

Date 17 & 18-Feb-2017

For more information visit the ABR page

And of course ask here.


So, we did it, 30 players with 3 player teams. It was fun, 4 rounds of swiss!

The event was created at ABR as team event, so it’s possible multiple players claim the same spot. Not ideal, but okish :wink:

On top we used Tome for the tournament and it worked like a charm. You can add points manually like 12 - 1 or whatever the results are and it will do the next swiss round based on it. 3 player KOS, 4 players doesn’t matter.

On top of that, http://cobr.ai/ should also work for KOS.