2.1 (A Netrunner Reboot Project Podcast)

Episode 27 of the podcast – The Human Touch – is now live.

The five segments in this episode are:
2:00 anonymous tip (The Jargon of Netrunner)
10:20 archived memories (jinteki and work compression: https://stimhack.com/my-secret-love-affair-with-jintekiperso…)
33:15 experiential data (tag me andy: deck 1 and discussion; deck 2 and discussion)
47:30 the maker’s eye (reza ilyasa)
49:50 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 62-63, clones pt 2)

Here is the artwork that accompanied the article in Worlds of Android:
"Henry Model", by Matt Zeilinger
It is entitled “Henry Model”, by Matt Zeilinger.

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Episode 28 of the podcast – Disappointing His Mother – is now live.

Time-sensitive note: Reboot’s Winter Worlds is December 30. Build your own deck or grab a preconstructed one, and head over to the Reboot Discord to sign up!

The six segments in this episode are:
4:40 breaking news (winter worlds)
5:45 satellite uplink (corp, Creation and Control)
21:20 matrix analyzer (nerf and comments)
35:45 datasucker (new ice and economy options in Creation and Control; CI combo deck)
52:20 the maker’s eye (daniel atanasov)
54:30 astroscript pilot program (thomas haas)


Episode 29 of the podcast – I Can Make That Work – is now live.

The nine segments in this episode are:
1:30 successful demonstration (preconstructed decks)
7:50 satellite uplink (runner, Creation and Control)
23:40 the source (runner nerfs)
27:00 matrix analyzer (comments on runner buffs)
33:30 datasucker (new economy and icebreaker options in Creation and Control; Stimhack article on Professional Contacts)
48:40 experiential data (2013 GenCon tournament)
54:45 successful demonstration, part 2 (FCC Exile precon deck – 2.1 version)
61:30 feedback filter (Zed 1.0)
66:00 astroscript pilot program (Kit)

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Episode 30 of the podcast – The Connections Are Clean – is now live.

Time-sensitive announcement: As covered in the Breaking News segment, the next season of the Preconstructed League is starting up very soon for Reboot. This is one of the easiest ways to jump in and see what the Reboot Project has to offer. It offers a little bit of structure but not a huge investment since it takes the form of an asynchronous five-round tournament over the course of several weeks. If you’re interested, go to the Reboot Project Discord server and sign up in the “preconstructed-league” channel.

The eight segments in this episode are:
1:50 breaking news (winter worlds and precon league)
3:00 precognition (style and slander, part 1)
13:50 satellite uplink (runner, Opening Moves)
24:00 the source (runner nerf; Stimhack article on Street Chess)
29:00 matrix analyzer (comments on runner buffs)
39:35 enigma (card flavor)
46:40 feedback filter (cloak)
48:35 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 64-65, tenma line)

Also a pre-emptive Feedback Filter segment: I mistakenly said that the Winter Worlds finals were between vslice and Gob Lynn Mode. Actually, the other finalist was Gaslight.

Here is the artwork included with the article about the Tenma Line:
Ken "Express" Tenma, by Dmitry Prosvimin
It is entitled, “Ken ‘Express’ Tenma,” by Dmitry Prosvimin

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Amazing how much cool art they had that never made it onto cards!

Agreed! There’s a whole book with background and fluff called The Worlds of Android (which I’m slowly working my way through on the podcast). But there’s also a book with just art called The Art of the Android Universe.

Here’s a link: https://digital.darkhorse.com/books/849757b8be3043a78f5cbd61877dceb8/art-of-the-android-universe

(I’m not getting a commission or anything.)


Episode 31 of the podcast – Perfect Companions – is now live.

The ten segments in this episode are:
1:30 precognition (style and slander, part 2)
5:45 feedback filter (winter worlds finals and technical issues)
7:45 satellite uplink (corp, Opening Moves)
14:15 the source (corp nerf)
15:00 matrix analyzer (corp buffs)
21:30 ice analyzer (new ice options in Opening Moves)
28:45 mandatory upgrades (Jackson Howard)
38:10 archived memories (stimhack article on Jackson Howard)
65:15 enigma (Damon on Jackson)
67:40 astroscript pilot progam (Victoria Jenkins and Jackson Howard)

And this artwork is not FFG, but I’ve always liked it; it fits well with the parody at the beginning of the Mandatory Upgrades segment.
Jackson Howard


Episode 32 of the podcast – Huge Amounts of Energy – is now live.

The nine segments in this episode are:
2:00 breaking news (style and slander released)
3:30 precognition (style and slander, part 3)
9:10 the toolbox, part 1 (supermodernism)
14:00 experiential data, part 1 ([DECK] Building A Better World - Supermodernism (Tournament Winner, Santa Clara) | Android: Netrunner)
38:30 experiential data, part 2 ([DECK] Building A Better World - Supermodernism v.2 (Plugged In Winner, San Mateo) | Android: Netrunner)
48:30 archived memories (Raging Bull (from Satellite Uplink blog))
62:40 the toolbox, part 2 (YOLO GRNDL precon)
66:30 research station (Run Last Click, episode 14)
68:55 astroscript pilot program (flavor insert from Opening Moves)

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Episode 33 of the podcast – I’ve Got a Surprise for You – is now live.

The six segments in this episode are:
4:15 archived memories (Aggressive Running)
14:00 satellite uplink (runner, Second Thoughts)
19:15 the source (record reconstructor)
22:30 matrix analyzer (runner buffs)
28:45 datasucker (new icebreaker option in Second Thoughts)
33:15 astroscript pilot program (flavor insert from Second Thoughts)

Episode 34 of the podcast – The Gibson-Akamatsu Test – is now live:

The seven segments in this episode are:
1:10 breaking news (balance patch)
10:30 experiential data (2013 worlds; Worlds 2013 Top 32 decklists)
14:00 satellite uplink (corp, Second Thoughts)
19:40 mandatory upgrades (Restructure)
21:30 ice analyzer (new ice options in Second Thoughts)
33:00 enigma (flavor wins in Second Thoughts)
37:30 astroscript pilot progam (woa: pp. 66-67, molloy line)

Here are the Worlds 2013 Finals:
Finals (Game 1)

YouTube Thumbnail

Finals (Game 2)

YouTube Thumbnail

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Are these supposed to be links to the videos, because they just show up as screencaps here. Other links work correctly.