2.1 (A Netrunner Reboot Project Podcast)

Hello there. This is a thread for my podcast (2.1) and its associated game group, both of which use the Netrunner Reboot Project. However, since I’m following the LCG-style format for my personal playgroup – where we start with the core set and add in expansions slowly – the podcast rewinds all the way to the beginning of Android: Netrunner.

I’m not doing a full read of the cards in the core box or anything quite that basic, but it is very much aimed at newer players, while not trying to overwhelm them with new information, as I try to improve in my own ability to play the game.

There are several small segments rotating through the episodes about things like tips for improving gameplay, card interactions, and the various systems interplaying within the game; these segments should have a strong overlap with anybody playing the original Android: Netrunner core set, while also having a strong correlation in principle to someone only familiar with Null Signal Games’ product.

Meanwhile, the back part of an episode will frequently be devoted to more Reboot-specific information; early episodes detail the adjustments that have been made to the core set, for example.

Finally, since I’ve always been a fan of the fluff/flavor in the FFG materials, an epilogue often contain a straight read of some of the included fiction or other sources about the Android universe.

I’m limited in my ability to post links, but the podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple, and Google. Here is the direct RSS feed: 2.1: A Netrunner Reboot Project Podcast

The best place to get in on random games is in the Reboot Project Discord server (which is linked from the Reboot Project home page). That is also where you can go to ask specific questions to people who are far more qualified to answer than I am (though, of course, I am happy to try).

However, there is currently one scheduled game night for the affiliated 2.1 game group:
Thursdays from 7:30pm - 9:30pm (EDT)

And another time that we can be available with a little notice:
Sundays from 2:00pm - 4:00pm (EDT)

At those times, there will be people around in the special Reboot Project version of JNET (Reteki.fun), whereas at other times, the best way to find a game is to post in the Discord server’s “looking for game” channel (#lfg).

The 2.1 game group is an LCG-style group, which means that we have started with the core set only and are adding in expansion content in a slow and steady stream. As of May 1st, we have added in up to the fifth Data Pack of the Spin Cycle, Fear and Loathing; we are currently on a monthly “release” schedule.

If that seems like too slow a pace for you, there is another LCG-style league which is adding in an entire deluxe expansion or cycle per round. You can find that league on the Discord server in the “lcg-style-league” channel. There are also two other leagues, “constructed” uses the entire card pool; “preconstructed” also uses the whole pool, but you only use one of the prebuilt decks available to everyone on Reteki.

Feel free to comment to ask questions, if you like. Otherwise I will mainly just be posting in this thread to announce new episodes of the podcast and the monthly changes to the legal 2.1 cardpool, so subscribe to it if you’d just like to lurk or join at some future time.


Episode 11 of the podcast – Retro – is now live.

The eight segments in this episode are:
0:45 freelancer (exclusive mind and mayhem spoiler)
4:30 precognition (mind and mayhem, week 4)
9:00 anonymous tip (tempo)
14:40 research station (timing structure)
48:10 satellite uplink (corp, Trace Amount)
53:00 matrix analyzer (comments on corp buffs)
56:45 e3 feedback implants (e3 feedback implants/Floyd and Adam)
61:15 astroscript pilot program (woa: p. 16-17, 20-21 PE, RP)

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As someone who doesn’t play Reboot, I still quite enjoy this podcast! So please don’t feel like you can’t listen if you don’t play. There’s a lot of good nostalgia for the old sets and listening to the story segments is very cool. Plus there’s plenty of good information for any version of Netrunner that you play.


But the podcast is unfortunately so enjoyable it got me back into playing Reboot. So don’t listen thinking you will come away unscathed :rofl:


Episode 12 of the podcast – Peace and Violence – is now live.

The six segments is this episode are:
2:10 precognition (mind and mayhem, week 5)
6:00 sure gamble (femme fatale)
8:00 anonymous tip (femme fatale)
15:00 archived memories (shields up: understanding ice)
46:00 the maker’s eye (sandara tang)
49:40 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 18-19, Hiro)

Here is the pic that accompanied the short story about Chairman Hiro.

It is entitled “Dedicated Server”, by Emilio Rodriguez.


Episode 13 of the podcast – One of These Things Is Not Like the Others – is now live.

The four segments in this episode are:
||2:00 breaking news (mind and mayhem release, events, balance patch)|
||13:15 precognition (mind and mayhem, week 6)|
||21:20 e3 feedback implants (comment about facechecking)|
||24:15 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 24-25, Noise)|

Here are the pics that accompanied the short story about Noise hacking into HB:

Noise is by the inimitable Matt Zeilinger; Femme Fatale is from Anna Christenson.


Episode 14 of the podcast – Have You Met Dinosaurus? – is now live.

The eight segments in this episode are:
1:30 anonymous tip (FAQ: ice)
4:40 archived memories (ice placement, part 2)
19:45 satellite uplink (runner, Cyber Exodus)
24:45 matrix analyzer (buffs)
31:40 mandatory upgrades (personal workshop)
40:15 enigma (andromeda)
42:30 e3 feedback implants (meryu’s second best icebreaker)
45:00 astroscript pilot program (Chaos Theory)

Episode 15 of the podcast – Try to Close It – is now live.

The ten segments in this episode are:
1:30 breaking news (reboot worlds)
2:45 anonymous tip (account siphon)
8:20 archived memories (ice placement, part 3)
21:30 satellite uplink (corp, Cyber Exodus)
24:45 matrix analyzer (buffs)
32:45 datasucker (new Corp economy options)
44:30 mandatory upgrades (project vitruvius)
47:10 enigma (project vitruvius)
49:00 the maker’s eye (emilio rodriguez)
51:40 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 22-23, 26-27, TWIY/The Network)

Here are the pics that accompanied the two articles about NBN:

The first is entitled “The All-Seeing I”, by Matt Zeilinger.
The second is entitled “The Maker’s Eye”, by Liiga Smilshkahne.


Episode 16 of the podcast – One Big Headache – is now live.

The five segments in this episode are:

1:55 breaking news (reboot worlds)
3:00 anonymous tip (FAQ entries)
5:40 datasucker (ice placement, part 4)
46:45 mandatory upgrades (pop-up window)
49:00 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 28-31 The City That Never Stops/Building a Better Tomorrow)

Here is the artwork that was included along with the two NBN articles:
New Angeles Skyline, by Ben Zweifel
The Root, by Ben Zweifel

The first is “New Angeles Skyline” and the second is “The Root”, both by Ben Zweifel.

Here is the chart that I made for sorting ice:
Ice, sorted by binary/analog and ETR/taxing (through Cyber Exodus)

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Episode 17 of the podcast – Colors You Can’t Imagine – is now live.

The five segments in this episode are:
2:00 anonymous tip (rototurret)
6:30 archived memories (stimhack article on glacier)
28:30 test run (waldemar 2.1)
48:10 red herrings (sorting ice)
50:45 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 32-35 Moving Upwards/Gateway to the Stars)

Here is one piece of artwork that was included with the articles:
Midway Station, by Ben Zweifel
It is entitled “Midway Station”, by Ben Zweifel.


Episode 18 of the podcast – Looking Out for Your Interests – is now live.

The seven segments in this episode are:
1:40 anonymous tip (buff bracket)
10:15 satellite uplink (runner, A Study in Static)
15:00 matrix analyzer (comments on runner buffs)
20:10 datasucker (icebreakers)
31:50 e3 feedback implants (comments on last episode from discord)
34:30 enigma (entirely too much about underworld contact)
42:10 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 37-39 It Is the Future; Haas-Bioroid)

Here is the artwork that was included with the articles:
"Meridian", by Adam S. Doyle
"Director Haas' Pet Project", by Matt Zeilinger
The first is “Meridian”, by Adam S. Doyle; the second is “Director Haas’ Pet Project”, by Matt Zeilinger.


Episode 19 of the podcast – The Highest Level of Security – is now live.

The eight segments in this episode are:
1:35 anonymous tip (running early)
4:10 archived memories (ice(breaker)-type design)
11:50 satellite uplink (corp, A Study in Static)
17:00 matrix analyzer (corp, A Study in Static)
31:20 mandatory upgrades (green level clearance)
33:10 datasucker (sorting ice from A Study in Static)
40:45 the maker’s eye (mauricio herrera)
44:55 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 40-41 Bioroids)

Here is the artwork that was included with the article:
"Vitruvian Bioroid", by Matt Zeilinger
It is entitled “Vitruvian Bioroid”, by Matt Zeilinger.


Episode 20 of the podcast – Time Just Slips Away – is now live.

This time around we have a special treat: an archive audio interview of Android: Netrunner lead designer Lukas Litzsinger, presented by one of the first strategy columnists for the game – Geoff Hollis. Around this centerpiece we also have an exploration of the runner-up decks from the second BoardGameGeek OCTGN tournament, along with some other small segments along the way. Presented in seven segments:

Title card: Hourglass
2:20 Anonymous Tip: Runner deckbuilding
R&D Interface | Imp
3:45 Experiential Data: BGG OCTGN Tournament #2, runner-up
Weyland deck | Criminal deck
Ash 2X3ZB9CY | Scorched Earth | Grimoire | Desperado (original version)
Waldemar 2.1 deck
Stimhack | Forged Activation Orders
"Best card" tournament
23:15 Archived Memories: Geoff Hollis interview with Lukas Litzsinger
Discussing Android: Netrunner with Lukas Litzsinger (from Android: Netrunner Strategy blog, by Geoff Hollis)
56:00 e3 Feedback Implants: Tyrant
Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within
58:00 Red Herrings: Hourglass
60:15 Research Station: At-a-glance Data Pack reviews
A Study in Static: Scrubber | Deus X | Underworld Contact | Oversight AI | False Lead
66:15 AstroScript Pilot Program: Worlds of Android -- Cynthia Haas


Episode 21 of the podcast – Engineering the Modern Workforce – is now live.

The one segment in this episode is:
astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 43-47, 49-54 New Angeles Times article – Engineering the Modern Workforce: An in-depth look at how Haas-Bioroid is transforming the way we live and work, by Shugofa Karzai)

Here is the article from the book:
Engineering the Modern Workforce, page 1 (from FFG's The Worlds of Android)
Engineering the Modern Workforce, pages 2 and 3 (from FFG's The Worlds of Android)
Engineering the Modern Workforce, pages 4 and 5 (from FFG's The Worlds of Android)
Engineering the Modern Workforce, page 6 (from FFG's The Worlds of Android)
Engineering the Modern Workforce, pages 7 and 8 (from FFG's The Worlds of Android)
Engineering the Modern Workforce, page 9 and Guest Editorial (from FFG's The Worlds of Android)
Engineering the Modern Workforce, page 10 (from FFG's The Worlds of Android)


There’s some cool stuff in there, all the bioroid interviews are very interesting.


Episode 22 of the podcast – Run With the Best – is now live.

The six segments in this episode are:
1:45 anonymous tip (andromeda)
5:25 experiential data (2013 regional deck: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/976401/deck-andromeda-strain-undefeated-regionals/)
17:15 satellite uplink (runner, Humanity’s Shadow)
23:00 matrix analyzer (andromeda nerf and comments)
33:00 datasucker (creeper and kati jones; kati jones reviews on NRDB: Kati Jones · NetrunnerDB)
42:45 astroscript pilot program (andromeda)


Episode 23 of the podcast – A Job Done Right – is now live.

The eight segments in this episode are:
1:20 breaking news (patch notes)
11:00 anonymous tip (defending against criminal)
18:00 satellite uplink (corp, Humanity’s Shadow)
22:00 matrix analyzer (corp buffs)
28:00 datasucker (new ice and economy options)
44:25 mandatory upgrades (eve campaign)
46:00 enigma (allusions and flavor)
54:10 astroscript pilot program (woa: p. 48 stump speech; p. 55 bioroid awakening)


Episode 24 of the podcast – The Most Notorious Research Facility – is now live.

The six segments in this episode are:
1:30 breaking news (leagues)
3:00 anonymous tip (early-game corp protection)
7:30 research station (Stimhack)
10:00 archived memories (combos)
34:30 the maker’s eye (ed mattinian)
37:45 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 56-58 jinteki)

Here are the two pieces of artwork that accompanied the Worlds of Android article:
"Chairman Satoshi Hiro", by Matt Zeilinger
"Synthetic Systems: The World Re-imagined", by Emilio Rodriguez
The first is “Chairman Satoshi Hiro”, by Matt Zeilinger; the second is “Synthetic Systems: The World Re-imagined”, by Emilio Rodriguez.


Episode 25 of the podcast – Do You Believe in Faeries? – is now live.

The six segments in this episode are:
1:20 anonymous tip (newbie mistakes: https://cryoffrustration.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/netrunner-…)
16:15 satellite uplink (runner, Future Proof)
21:50 matrix analyzer (nerfs and comments)
25:10 datasucker (new icebreaker options)
32:45 mandatory upgrades (r&d interface)
44:30 astroscript pilot program (woa: p. 59 chronos protocol)


Episode 26 of the podcast – Delectable Sauerkraut – is now live.

The six segments in this episode are:
1:55 satellite uplink (corp, Future Proof)
6:40 matrix analyzer (nerf and comments)
13:55 datasucker (new ice options in Future Proof)
17:00 mandatory upgrades (eli 1.0)
19:50 archived memories (decklists/meta analysis: https://stimhack.com/two-future-proof-decklists-nbnandromeda…)
49:20 astroscript pilot program (woa: pp. 60-61, clones pt 1)

And here are Reboot versions of the two decks in the Archived Memories segment:
NBN Flytrap
Andromeda’s Interfaces

(Note that the NBN Flytrap deck is built here as detailed in the article, but in Reboot, Making News has an additional 2 influence. I forgot to mention this in the episode itself.)