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2016-2017 Store Championships in Michigan, U.S.A

Glad to hear it. Which store? Are you and your community on our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/metrodetroitnetrunner?

If you end up getting a consistent time-slot for Netrunner at your store, I can update the details in the group so more people in the area know about it.

Evolution Games in Lansing. The owner is a big fan and some of the employees have just started playing with other customers picking it up. I’ll definitely post details as we try to get things started with regular events and times


That’s great! Let me know if we can help in any way to foster your community.

Fanfare has officially updated their store events calendar to include the store championship tournament. February 18, registration starts at 10 am, games start at 11 am.

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Thanks, I’ll update my list in a bit.

Add Kalamazoo event.

Last Saturday, we got a new Store Champion in the area at the Wixom SC. @icecoldjazz took down the 14 player championship with Leela and CI, in a heavy HB (including 6! CI players; 2 on Hasty, 4 on CI7). Decklists at the top.

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The fourth game is up:

Josh vs. @icecoldjazz:

Fifth and final game is up:

I won the Fun 4 All Store Championship with Hayley and EtF (decklists in the opening post). @WhackedMaki did a great job as T.O. and also managed to make his 5th top 4 (out of 6!) this season. I uploaded the tournament results to Always Be Running (and acoo, but I don’t see it there yet), and here are some spiffy graphs:

Corp Win Breakdown:

Runner Win Breakdown:

Faction Matchup:

Heavy Flatline Threat:

Oddly enough, the Corps were slightly more successful:


Pandemonium confirmed that there was a mix-up and they didn’t order a Store Championship kit; they were incorrectly listed on FFG’s site. I’ve updated the opening post list. That just leaves Kalamazoo for Michigan.

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Fanfare in Kalamazoo had their Store Championship last Saturday. Josh H. finally won with Gagarin and Au Revoir Chaos Theory after several top 4 finishes. Decks in the opening post.

And now our Store Championship season in Michigan has completed.

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