2016-2017 Store Championships in Michigan, U.S.A

Completed Store Championships in Michigan:

  • 11/26 - Warren - Eternal Games LLC - 15 Players - Congrats to Max (@WhackedMaki) - Sunny and Blue Sun
  • 12/10 - Ann Arbor - Get Your Game On - 11 Players - Congrats to Josh G. - Andy and NEH
  • 12/17 Grand Rapids - Out Of The Box - 16 Players - Congrats to Max again - Val and Blue Sun
  • 1/21 Wixom - Flat Land Games - 14 Players - Congrats to Austin (@icecoldjazz) - Leela and CI
  • 1/28 - Ypsilanti - Fun 4 All - 14 Players - Congrats to Tim (me) - Hayley and EtF
  • 2/18 - Kalamazoo - Fanfare - 13 Players - Congrats to Josh H. Chaos Theory and Gagarin

You know, I gotta say, threads like these are a amazing resource and incredibly useful. Especially for those of us that might be travelling from out of town (or state) to events, and tracking information down in regards to stores you’ve never been to before can be a pain.


Yeah, that’s the service I try to provide. Thanks for your comment. Hopefully your travels take you to one of these.

Prizes have been officially announced from FFG:


Actually, just a thought, is there going to be a list of dates for stores that are running the Worlds Celebration thing as well?

That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure how FFG will handle the Worlds cards. I’m assuming that they’ll put it in the SC even if the store doesn’t have anything schedule for the Worlds Weekend; seems like a lot of overhead otherwise. If they do come in the kit, I’ll probably do a GNK at GYGO on Monday, 7th and randomly hand out one or both of the cards.

We’ll have to see when the SC kits come in (I don’t work for a store). I’ll keep people posted when it gets figured out.

Added information about Eternal Games in Warren and updated entry costs.

It looks like they’re just adding the two Hedge Funds to the SC kit. I know of two stores that are doing a celebration so far:

Flat Land Games in Wixom set their Store Championship date to January 21st.

Does Eternal know that 11/26 is the date of the Ohio State - Michigan game?

Yeah, I posted way back on October 24th on the Facebook event that it was the same day as the Game. But, they didn’t respond. I don’t think they’ll get anywhere near the 32 players they got last year.

Added Ypsilanti date.

Eternal Games in Warren had their Store Championship last Saturday. @WhackedMaki won with some great meta calls and just because he’s one of the best Weyland player (links in the opening post).

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Added Grand Rapids.

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I called Fanfare today in Kalamazoo, and they reportedly still have not finalized a date for the event. I’m hoping to hear more soon, because I most likely will only be able to attend one of these, and I would prefer it to be close to home.

Thanks again for organizing this thread, @tvaduva!

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Great thanks!

I was going to reach out to @voltorocks to see if they have anything scheduled in Kalamazoo.

We’ve had the Store Championship at GYGO in Ann Arbor last Saturday. Only 11, which is less than I expected. For those wanting to look at stats of the GYGO Store Championship from Saturday, we’ve been uploaded to acoo and Always Be Running.

Congrats to Josh, who won with Andy and NEH (decklist in opening post):

Josh is a strong, consistent, long-time player, who usually plays at least one off-meta deck. Also, a fearsome member of the Macho Men team.

Here are some pretty graphs:

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Out of the Box in Grand Rapids had their Store Championship last Saturday. @WhackedMaki won again with his Blue Sun monster and great play, as well as Val. Decks in the opening post.


I’ve started commentating and editing the videos from the GYGO SC in December. Here are the first two I had recorded:

(Edit: I accidentally uploaded the uncommentated video, the above link is for the commented one.)

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Third game is up:

Glad to see this game healthy in Michigan. Trying to get a community going again here in Lansing as my local store has just had players start to pick it up. Hope to get more people hooked and get organized play going down the road.