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2016 Store Championships in Michigan, U.S.A

I made the change based on what you were saying in the Kate thread, so you get credit for that one too :wink:

Having a lot of Weyland trying to counter the faust-meta is a godsend for shapers anyway. Weyland vs Kate is basically Weyland going to 4-5 pts and never be able to score out the winning agenda.

Yeah, I agree. My BaBW deck dispatched both Dumbleforks decks I faced on the day, but couldn’t do much against Shaper, dropping 2 games to them. But, as the T.O., at least those games were quick.

Hey, some of us don’t play Weyland to counter Anarchs. We play it because we like hurting bad people. :smiley:

Fun times at GYGO, even if it was a bit of a drive.

…man, it feels weird looking at charts and seeing yourself as a statistic. (I had the Argus.)

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Haha, there are those people as well :laughing:

Thanks for coming out. I’m glad you got the raffled mat, since you probably drove the longest to get there. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon.

Added Fanfare and Hollow Mountain winners.

@IceRay42 takes the Kalamazoo store championship with a variation on @spags’ DLR Leela and Foodcoats with Rainbows.

@Chromatically takes his third store championship in East Lansing with Dumblefork and @mediohxcore’s Foodcoats. Another Ann Arbor player, Max (@WhackedMaki), took second and got the bye with Dumblefork and @beyoken’s New Angeles Sol.

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Added RIW winner. Michigan was invaded by Toronto and @d1en didn’t drop a game to win the 20-person championship with updated Apocalypse MaxX and Mumba NEH.

Mike’s Comics also had a Store Championship on Saturday, but I don’t know of anyone that went. If you have any details let me know.


Man, that MaxX list was cruelty incarnate. Just goes to show that it’s not just faust that’s ridiculous in orange :stuck_out_tongue: Props to Toronto for bringing their world-class meta to the Yew-knighted Staytes!

Any events left within driving distance until regionals? I’m finding myself with some open weekends coming up and no store champs left…

You’ve got a few choices:

  • Store Championship in Toledo this weekend.This one is pretty close to the Metro Detroit community, so likely a lot of us will be there.
  • Mike’s Comics in New Baltimore’s Store Championship. I’ve asked them to let me know when they’ve rescheduled, but I’ haven’t heard anything back. They seem pretty responsive to posts on their Facebook group, so it wouldn’t hurt for someone else to ask them as well. But, this may be even farther away from you than Toledo.
  • Maybe some Store Championships in Indiana?

If you’re part of our Metro Detroit Netrunner Facebook group, that’s the first place where we post GNK and Pubrunner events. Also, I know for sure Flatland will hold a GLC event, but I don’t think a date has been pinned down. Maybe @hypomodern know more?

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There will indeed be a Metro Detroit GLC event, probably in June so @raphaeln can defend his title. I’ve reached out to him about dates and will talk to the Flat Land folks next Tuesday.

It will be scheduled before the end of the month :).


That’s so very nice of you! :smiley:
But, please, don’t change any plans just because of me if it is not convenient. I know that June is already booked with Nationals at Origins.

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sages shoppe at 5pm sat in Lafayette, friendly city games in Lebanon at 1pm sat.

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Starting to uploaded commentated videos from the GYGO Store Championship. Here is the first round:

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Checked with Mike’s Comics this week and they said that they weren’t able to reschedule their Store Championship before regionals, so they won’t have theirs this year. This completes the 2016 Store Championship season in Michigan.

Congrats to everyone that won and everyone that came out. Good luck to everyone in the upcoming Regional and ANRPC seasons.

Here is the second round from GYGO SC:

Here is the second round from GYGO SC:

Here are the rest of the commentated videos:

Round 4:

Elimination Games:

Apologies for the sound issues in some of these videos. They are entirely from my side. I got a new microphone and I’m using new software, but I’m still working out the right configuration.

For anyone in the area that’s been tracking the store championships and wondering what else is going on during the summer:

New thread for a new store championship season: