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2016 Store Championships in Michigan, U.S.A

If you have more dates or links to events or sites with info, let me know.


  • 1/23 - Grand Rapids - Big Kidz Games - 22 players - Contrats Zach (@Ion) - Gabe and SYNC
  • 1/30 - Warren - Eternal Games LLC - 34 players - Congrats Chris (@Icecreamcollege) - Noise and RP
  • 2/6 - Ypsilanti - Fun 4 All - 26 players - Congrats Steven (@Chromatically) - Noise and RP
  • 2/13 - Wixom - Flat Land Games - 22 players - Congrats Michael (@Zolend) - Valencia and EtF
  • 2/20 - Ann Arbor - Get Your Game On - 16 players - Congrats Steven again - Mac (-1 Scavenge, +1 Notoriety) and NEH
  • 2/27 - Kalamazoo - Fanfare - 19 players - Congrats Brandon (@IceRay42) - Leela and EtF
  • 2/28 - East Lansing - Hollow Mountain Comics and Games LLC - 14 players - Congrats Steven hat trick - Whizzard and EtF
  • 3/5 - Livonia - RIW Hobbies - 20 players - Congrats to Dien (@d1en) - MaxX and NEH

$20 seems a bit much for a store champs… I wonder if stores are intentionally jacking fees in anticipation of “extra copies of jackson rush 2016”

Oh, I also meant to thank you for starting this thread! I hope you keep it updated, I’d love to hit as many of these as possible!

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I will. Whereabouts are you from? I’m in Ann Arbor and I’ll be T.O.-ing the GYGO and probably the F4A ones.

Yeah, $20 is a lot. I’m not sure why it’s that much, I think they may have extra prizes. I’m on the other side of the state so I don’t know for sure, but I think it was $20 last year as well. @TheBriarfox might know more if he still checks here.

Kalamazoo. Last year I only made it to the GrandLAN and Fanfare tourneys, but after all the fun I had at the Detroit Regionals (warren, technically) I wanna try to hit more of these this year.

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Awesome! Hopefully, I’ll get to meet you at one of these. Let me know if you hear any dates for Fanfare or GrandLAN. We don’t hear too much about them here.

$20 is steep; but they did give away lots of store credit from the entry fees last year at least. Dunno about this year.

Thanks once again for putting this together @tvaduva! Hope to see you in the finals every time :).

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Added cost to scheduled events. Tried to put them in a nice table, but for some reason can’t get HTML for tables to render. Anyone know any tricks for getting tables to work here?

Sadly, Discourse (this forum software) doesn’t support tables yet, but it is part of their new markdown (the formatting language of choice on Discourse) rendering engine, so hopefully soon™

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Thanks, list items will have to do for now.

Added Ann Arbor event.

A friend mentioned today that GrandLAN in GR closed its doors at the end of december. I don’t know if whoever organized LCGs there is looking for a new location, but just a heads up that if you’re in the GR area the Big Kidz tourney coming up might be your only local option this year (though it’s a short drive and we’ll definitely have one in Kzoo… eventually. we tend to lag to the end of the regular seasons.)

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Imma go to alla deez.


Added Ypsilanti event.

Added Warren and known start/registration times.

Added Livonia.

I called Mike’s Comics and the person that answered said that he didn’t sign up for a Store Championship. He said someone must be imitating their store. Weird.

I’m taking them off the list until I hear otherwise.

EDIT: Actually, the number on FFG’s list is wrong, it should be (586) 716-9511. Talked to them and they said they’ll schedule one in February/March.

I spoke with the fellow who does the scheduling at Fanfare in Kalamazoo and he said he’s waiting until he has the Store Championship kit in hand to schedule. Like voltorocks said, it will be near the end of the season. He’s going to make every effort to not overlap any others though.

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Thanks for the update. I think having a list like this helps avoid overlap.

I know this thread is about the great lead-poisoned state of Mighigan, but down south about 15 minutes from the border in the algae-watered lands of Toledo we have 2 store championships this year. The first one is on 2/27 at Frogtown Hobbies at 1 PM (registration at noon), and the second one is on 3/19 at CheckMate Games and Hobbies at 12 PM (registration at 11). Both are $10 entries. I guess that means registration will start at 11 as is common.

edit: corrected the start times


Hey @Zolend or @AaronSolon, do either of you have any details on Hollow Mountain’s event?