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Google Maps All US Store Championship Locations (with dates as I get them)

Awesome thanks! I should have this in by Monday.

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Fair Game in Downers Grove, IL is 12 pm March 26th

Common Room Games in Bloomington IN is on Saturday Feb. 20th at 12 Noon.

Updated with everything! Thanks guys!

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Toys n Things is 2/21 at 2 pm

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what state and city?

Toys N Things is in Danvers, MA at 1pm (according to their facebook page)

Thanks, @notrocketscience

Edit: Registration time starts at 1pm.

Lots of updates to the Michigan events here:

Rivendell Books & Games (Massachusetts) is 2/27 per a visitor post on their facebook page. Don’t know what time of day.

Store champ for Bel Air Games (in Bel Air, MD) will be Saturday, February 6.

Some Florida Store Champs:
2/27: Deland, FL (can’t remember name of shop; can’t access at work; I think it’s Galaxy Games?)
3/5: The Dark Side, Sarasota FL
3/12: Dogs of War Gaming, Palm Bay, FL

Wandering Dragon in Plainfield IL is having their SC on March 26th at 11:00 A.M. This sucks because it is the same day as the store championship at Fair Game in Downers Grove, IL. They’re the only LGS is the Chicago SW Suburbs and they apparently do not communicate… Wandering Dragon is also capping at 20 players I believe.

The Wandering Dragon is the shop I primarily play at and I’m feeling a bit burnt by the scheduling as well. I live in Naperville, so apart from those two shops the only other store champs I can likely attend is the one at Pastimes in Niles this weekend. I’m worried I might not get my 3 Jacksons after all :[

Yeah, I just talked to the owner and he said that they had to play around their TO’s schedule.

Arkham Comics & Games in Pearland TX
5074 Broadway St, Pearland, Texas 77581

Date: Sunday February 21

Reg. Time: 11:30 AM

Further details found on their facebook page. Link below.


Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, was out with pneumonia :frowning:. Everything from this thread should now be updated. Thanks again everyone!

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Just updated my post a few hours ago (you probably already updated the map by the time I updated):

  • 3/5 - New Baltimore - Mike’s Comics - $10 (Start: 1 PM)
  • GrandLAN will not happen because the store closed and the kit went to another store on FFG’s waitlist.

All MI store championships have been scheduled. Thanks for your hard work, glad you’re feeling better :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the updates! MI is good to go!

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I have cleaned up the map and removed SCs that have already happened.


I have additional information about Rivendell Books and Games Store Championship this weekend. The matches begin at 11am, registration begins at 10am.

Verified via Facebook Messenger:

I’d just like to confirm that you are holding your Netrunner Store Championship this Saturday? If so, what time will registration begin?

Hi, yes we are. The event will begin at 11:00am…the store opens at 10 & signups will be from 10-11. Thanks!

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