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2016 Store Championships in Michigan, U.S.A

Big Kids Games completed their Championship yesterday. Congrats @Ion. @spags would appreciate this:

I plan updating winner with each completed tournament. And add winning decklist when I see them.


This was a fun event! Congrats to @Ion on a very tough pair of finals matches (well, the first one wasn’t that tough for you I guess, what with my deck shitting the bed…). SYNC was a great meta call to contrast the sea of purple and the runners (like me) planning on beating them, and you played it expertly!

Big props to the Metro area crew for coming out in force and for their ridiculous matching T-shirts that were super intimidating :smiley: Very friendly players all day, tons of great matches. Also want to give a shout to @TheBriarfox who ran a very organised and fun event (even with a few hiccups) and also brought us BBQ!

(edit: added Ty’s stimhack handle)


Ty is @TheBriarfox :slight_smile:


@tvaduva Update on Kalamazoo’s SC at Fanfare Games.
(Feb 27th, 10am)

In the past this has been a pretty low key event with 8-12 people, but we have space to host more - plus the early time will hopefully mean time left afterwards for beer? we have a few great spots in town, including at least one that is games-friendly.

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Thanks for the information. I updated the opening post and the Metro Detroit Netrunner group, although there might be some competition for players in the area for the Toledo Store Champ on the same day.

Yeah, I was actually thinking about going to that one… I think there just wasn’t any way to avoid a conflict! I won’t deny taking some comfort in the possibility that I won’t have to contend with the fearsome Macho Men of Metro Detroit being there in force :smiley:

Right you are. At this point there is a store championship each weekend (starting with this past weekend) into March. Three weekends left in March, 3 events yet to be scheduled.

Just a bummer that a conflict may result in less people going to Fanfare, because Kzoo is a pretty cool place to visit.

Added East Lansing.

We just had the largest Store Championship in Michigan yesterday with 34 players at Eternal Games. There was 5 rounds and a cut to top 8. This was the unique post-Kala Ghoda/pre-NAPD Most Wanted List four day meta. Chris won with Noise and RP (links in the opening post). Ryan (@greyfield) came in second with a SYNC and his take on Jesminder (decklist hopefully forthcoming). I scraped by to third with Noise and Haarpsichord.

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Here was my Jesminder list:

Event (17)
1x Code Siphon
3x Diesel
1x Legwork ••
1x Levy AR Lab Access
3x Modded
3x Quality Time
3x Sure Gamble
2x Vamp ••••

Hardware (9)
3x Clone Chip
2x Maya
1x Plascrete Carapace
3x R&D Interface

Resource (5)
1x Artist Colony
1x Film Critic
1x Sacrificial Construct
2x Same Old Thing

Icebreaker (5)
1x Atman
2x Cerberus “Lady” H1
1x Gordian Blade
1x Mimic •

Program (9)
1x Clot ••
1x D4v1d ••••
3x Magnum Opus
1x Parasite ••
3x Self-modifying Code

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Kala Ghoda

The deck tried to be a strange hybrid of Opus Vamp Kit’s game plan with The Book of Kate’s program suite, and was sort of lacking in both departments, but Maya is a sweet card, and Artist Colony has also been underrated. I agree with the general consensus at Eternal Games on Saturday that the best direction to move is probably toward StimShop. I also suspect that Jesminder is still going to be a bit of a meta call rather than a true Tier 1 contender.


Nice work, Ryan! I like that your list doesn’t just try to pack in synergy at the expense of the core set of good shaper tutor/recursion/efficient breaker tools. I think I disagree with the “stimshop” direction, if I’m understanding that correctly, but you’ve obviously got more experience with the list than me!

Maya is the console shapers have been waiting for, IMO :slight_smile:

I ended up 4-2 with High-Stakes, No Plascretes Kenny and 4-2 with HB NEXT Tricks; nice symmetry.

You are my spirit animal.

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Added the New Baltimore event date. Confirmed that GrandLAN will not happen because the store closed and the kit went to another store on FFG’s waitlist. So all store championships have been scheduled.

Added the Fun 4 All winner to the opening post. Will post links to decklist when I get them. (Edit: Just got them and linked them above. He used @anon50033301’s decks from ChiLo).

Full credit to @anon50033301 for the decks!

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I forgot to post my lists. I used Kookoobah’s Gabe http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/29753/drug-dealer-gabe for runner and a Syncrobiotics deck based on some stuff I’ve seen: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/31757/syncrobiotics-sc-4th-seed-1st-place-pre-mwl

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Added Flatland winner to the opening post. Will post links to decklist when I get them from @Zolend.

@tvaduva Here you go, thanks for the informative thread!

http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/31970/foodshoprestaurantcafe-1st-place-flat-land-games-sc- (a tweaked version of a deck by @anon50033301 )
http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/31971/valeventcia-1st-place-flat-land-games-sc- (a Val spin on @TheBigBoy’s meta defining dumblefork deck)

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We had the GYGO Store Championship this past Saturday with 16 players (updated at the top). @Chromatically won again, but that allowed @greyfield to get the Regional Bye.

I T.O.'d this event, so I have access to all the stats, here are the Top 4 (same in Swiss and Elimination) and some stats:

  1. Steven
    (Kate “Mac” McCaffrey (-1 Scavenge, +1 Notoriety) / Near-Earth Hub) - 14 (SoS 2.00000/2.28125) - Wins: 4 Runner 3 Corp
  2. Ryan
    (Hayley Kaplan / Blue Sun) - 10 (SoS 2.75000/2.03125 - Wins: 4 Runner 1 Corp
  3. Chris
    (Leela Patel / Engineering the Future) - 10 (SoS 2.12500/2.31250) - Wins: 3 Runner 2 Corp
  4. Tim (me)
    (Hayley Kaplan / Building a Better World) - 10 (SoS 2.12500/2.21875) - Wins: 3 Runner 2 Corp

Steven used @Calimsha’s Hyperdriver Mac deck to go undefeated in Runner games. His one change of switching in Notoriety for Scavenge was inspired, allowing him to win both of his elimination runner games. His NEH (credit to @FoilFlaws / @spags) only dropped one game to Ryan’s Hayley in Swiss.

Ryan used an unconventional Activist Support/Blackmail Hayley deck to earn himself a Regional Bye, by going undefeated with it in Swiss and dropping just one game to Steven’s NEH in elimination.

There was a fairly good representation of all factions on the day except for Criminal, but that faction’s lone representative, Leela, made it all the way to 3rd, and HB, which also made it 3rd.

There was a strong contingent of Weyland, probably to counter the heavy Anarch threat. This strategy worked out well, since Weyland was able to win 7 of 11 games against Anarch, but it was not nearly as good as NEH’s 5 out of 6.

In the end, none of the 7 Anarchs made the cut. Despite that, the Runner was slightly more successful on the day winning nearly 53%.


Congrats @Chromatically! I’m glad the deck is working out for you

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For what it’s worth, Scavenge was the card I cut to play Noto (then Critic). The deckslot is pretty much whatever and probably just dependent of the metagame. If you don’t have a clear view of the meta, Scavenge is probably the best call :slight_smile:

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