2016 Worldwide Nationals Results

Since we had one of these for regionals and it seemed to be helpful, I figured we might as well have one for Nationals season as well.

This week marks the beginning of Nationals season with the US Nationals starting tomorrow.

Here is the schedule of Nationals events that I am currently aware of, as well as any residency restrictions. Please let me know of more, and I will update the OP.

EDIT: FFG has stated that all Nationals must be open to all, and any bye won at a regional works at any national, so no more residency restrictions!

  • US National - June 16th-17th
  • Origins Game Fair, Columbus OH
  • Stream: Twitch
  • North American Continental Championship - August 5th-6th
  • GenCon, Indianapolis, IN
  • UK National - August 13th-14th
  • International Convention Centre, Birmingham, UK
  • Polish National - August 27th-28th (tentatively)
  • Warsaw, Poland (venue TBA)
  • German National - September 1st & 3rd
  • Details TBA
  • Swiss on the 1st, cut on the 3rd
  • Italian National - September 3rd-4th
  • Details TBA
  • Canadian National - September 9-11th
  • Holiday Inn Yorkdale, Toronto
  • Nordic National - September 24th-25th
  • Stockholm, Sweden (venue TBA)
  • French National - October 1st-2nd
  • Details TBA
  • Belgian National - Date TBA
  • l’Autre Monde, Liège, Belgium

If its possible would those holding/attending the events be able to get FULL results and not just top cuts? More data means more accurate analysis :smiley: I’m thinking Corp/Runner IDs and their final placement information is more important than player information.

EDIT Clarified ID


How are they going to know who is French?

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They ask for ID?

Making it the 3rd use of that abbreviation in this scene.


They ask for intentional draws…

Don’t know if the tourney software out there tracks it, but Corp/Runner wins would also be cool to have as part of the data, in addition to Corp/Runner ID pairings and Swiss standings.

The cancer is spreading :frowning:

I don’t know that for sure, it’s just based on how things have been historically.

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there is a stream or something like this for the US national ?

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Venue for the belgian national will be the store “l’Autre Monde” (capacity of 48 players according to the TO).
Date still to be announced.

French national will be held in “Le musée de la carte à jouer” in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

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Polish nationals will be definitely open to all.

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Capacity of 48 players seems unfortunate, how will registration be handled?

Esdevium Games are our local distributor who are organising the UK nationals, not the name of a store where it’s being held. It’s at the ICC in Birmingham.

What would be very interesting is additonal prize support.

E.g. historically Nordics have awarded the winnerthe worlds trip, this is probably of some/medium/high interest for some travelling players, also eligibilty for the grand prize.

IIRC French has historically been open to everyone, but only French nationals have been eligible for the trip/cash for trip, though they did have a separate best foreigner prize.

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The French Nationals is open to every citizens from any country. Only the plane ticket is reserved for the first French and will be given only if there is 48 attendees minimum.


It’s indeed unfortunate but it’s the best the TO can do apparently. Registration will be handled as usual : mail + bank transfer (idk how much for this event).

German nationals is now open to everyone :tada:
Also: swiss on the 1st and top cut on the 3rd.

Thanks all, updated the OP with the corrections.

I believe @jdeng was going to try to stream the US Nationals.

EDIT: Stream up: Twitch

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I guess having a full day between cut and swiss works as a secondary way to discourage travellers, will hopefully be in a location where there is other things to do.

not really :grin: Google Maps

it’s 1 1/2 hour from Frankfurt. Or you can visited Heidelberg I guess. There will be side events all weekend. There’s also X-wing, Armada and Thrones on Friday.

link to event info