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2017-2018 Store Championships in Michigan, U.S.A

@Josh_Hoppstock won our Kalamazoo store championship for the second year in a row!

Josh, can you fix your claim for the AlwaysBeRunning results? I think you uploaded the wrong decklist for your corp.


Added results for Kalamazoo store championship and winning decklists.

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Also added all of the stats and faction breakdown from NRTM to the photo section. Out of 12 players, we had all Corp and Runner factions represented (including 1 Sunny), 10 unique Runner factions, and 9 unique Corp factions. I thought that was pretty neat!

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Added results for Grand Rapids (congrats Josh E.) and details for the other Grand Rapids area and last Michigan Store Championship.

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Added the other Grand Rapids result (congrats Zac) and links to their ABR pages. All Store Championships in Michigan have been completed.