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2017-2018 Store Championships in Michigan, U.S.A


@Josh_Hoppstock won our Kalamazoo store championship for the second year in a row!

Josh, can you fix your claim for the AlwaysBeRunning results? I think you uploaded the wrong decklist for your corp.


Added results for Kalamazoo store championship and winning decklists.


Also added all of the stats and faction breakdown from NRTM to the photo section. Out of 12 players, we had all Corp and Runner factions represented (including 1 Sunny), 10 unique Runner factions, and 9 unique Corp factions. I thought that was pretty neat!


Added results for Grand Rapids (congrats Josh E.) and details for the other Grand Rapids area and last Michigan Store Championship.


Added the other Grand Rapids result (congrats Zac) and links to their ABR pages. All Store Championships in Michigan have been completed.