2017-2018 Store Championships in Michigan, U.S.A

Completed Store Championships in Michigan:


Fun 4 All in Ypsilanti set their Store Championship date to February 3rd.

I spoke with an employee at Fanfare in Kalamazoo on Saturday. They do not have their kit in hand yet and have not scheduled a date yet. They said that they plan to review a list of tentative options and make an announcement sometime in the next 2 weeks or so, but they prefer not to confirm a date until they have received the tournament kit.

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Thanks! Seems to be the trend with a other stores. I’m holding off scheduling the Ann Arbor one until they get the kit.

I really appreciate the update.

Added the date for the Livonia store. Ann Arbor is currently hold due to issues with distributor; it’s doubtful that they’ll work it out before the season is over :frowning:

Tentative date for Fanfare in Kalamazoo will be Saturday, 3/10. The game manager plans to email back to finalize on Monday. He said they have the kit in the store now, so that’s great news. :slight_smile:

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Added results from Ypsilanti. Unfortunately, our turnout was very low (6 :frowning:). But, the ones that did show up were very veteran (most having already won at least one SC in the past). @WhackedMaki win was nonetheless impressive with Apex and Gagarin (I’ve already asked for his lists).

@rwknoll - I’ve also updated the date for Kalamazoo. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

EDIT: Lists linked in OP.

I wish I could’ve made the drive up to Ypsilanti, was planning to but couldn’t get the day off work.

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Yeah, would’ve liked to have you there, sorry it didn’t work out.

Added Grand Rapid-land tentative dates. They are coordinated toegether, so there is zero chance that they will happen on the same date.

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Fanfare in Kalamazoo has confirmed 3/10. Tentative starting time is 10 am for registration and 11 am for the first round. I will add more details as it gets closer, and will make a Facebook event to start inviting people.

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Thanks! I’ve updated the OP and our Facebook group.

Hi all! Details for the Fanfare store championship are finalized. In addition to the details already listed above, the entry fee is $5.

If possible, the game manager is asking everyone to register for the event on their store website (http://fanfareland.com/event/netrunner-store-championship/). No money is required at the time of sign up, all payments are at the door.

Looking forward to seeing anyone who can make it!

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Thanks! I added the additional details for the Kalamazoo Store Championship.

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I added the additional details for the RIW Store Championship in Livonia.

Added results from Livonia. Congrats to @Chromatically for winning in the 13-player field with expert piloting and solid decks (Valencia and CtM).

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Added finalized Grand Rapids-area dates.

Checked with Pandemonium Games in Garden City, MI and they said they didn’t sign up for a SC this year, so I took them off our list.

I’m getting really excited for this weekend at Kalamazoo! Hope a bunch of you can make it from the GR and Detroit areas. :slight_smile:

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Added Grand Rapids - Big Kidz Games event and details for March 17th.