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2017 Organized Play changes

  • Star Wars games tournament season separated from non-Star Wars games season
  • Netrunner: SCs November-February, Regionals May-August
  • Nationals can be held at any time country’s distributor sees fit
  • four GNK prints a year
  • European Championships

I have to say I like all of those :smile:


Worth emphasising that from 2017 Netrunner will only share worlds with 2 other games rather than a whole ton. Seems good!


Yes, should make it possible to get rid of attendance limit or at least make it a lot higher. Though I think it will be 3 other games (L5R should have first Worlds in 2017 after GenCon release)

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I was SO hoping that those changes would include Battlelore organized play. I’m this close to just boycotting FFG for their lack of love for the best game they make. If I don’t see any expansions soon…

They also appear to be dropping playmats as the default top prize include for GNKs.Thank the Gods!

Yeah, maybe. FFG OP recently stated that they wanted to try something different “this time around”, and surely they will run out of token options very soon - in fact, we’re already getting our second repeat (Power Tokens in Summer 2016 Kit). In fact, if FFG prints advancement tokens in either of the four upcoming kits this year (Regionals, Nationals, Worlds, Winter 2016) we’ll have a full set, and if all of these get tokens, we’ll be looking at more than two full sets by the time we’re halfway through 2017.

The point of not having playmats for a while was that some people felt they got too many. I would rather have 3 different playmats and 1 set of tag tokens than 1 playmat and three sets of diffferent tag tokens. It’s a nice mix-up in 2016, but they can’t continue to have tokens through-out all of the 2017 kits; it’s not gonna work out.


Not even 15 minutes go by and wouldn’t you fucking know it, contents of this years Regionals kit include Goddamn credit tokens, so now I gotta have 3 different kinds of these lying around. 2017 should not bring a fourth and a fifth.

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But you’re fine with a another set of playmats? What should they do if not tokens? More alt arts? Dice ala KoS?

deck boxes! (lolololol)


[quote=“Terrificy, post:7, topic:7096”]
contents of this years Regionals kit include Goddamn credit tokens, so now I gotta have 3 different kinds of these lying around[/quote]
I think those are the same credits as previous year’s ones :smile:

Tokens are good. Of course, most have been already done at least once, but many in very limited quantities (Nationals agenda counters and tags, Worlds bad pubs) and could use another print run. Also, there are more token possibilities than simple replacement of core set cardboard: for example Femme Fatale, Cyber-cypher and Security Testing are playable, never rotating cards that definitely could use a dedicated token to show which server/ice you choose.

Another advantage of tokens is that while there’s just one playmat, the tokens are a set which you can divide if you want to achive more flat prizes distribution (which you quite often want in casual events you use tournament kits for).

[quote=“Orbital_Tangent, post:8, topic:7096”]
What should they do if not tokens? More alt arts? Dice ala KoS?[/quote]
Full bleed standard art cards. Lots of them. I hope they finally arrive at this idea (Worlds decks show they’re getting close). It’s a perfect tournament prize: cheap to make (the art is already paid for, so I guess it’s 15-20 minutes’ work in Photoshop and you’re ready to print), you will never run out of cards to make with ~200 new released each year, single cards can be participation prizes at small local events, while sets are perfect for grand prizes at top level, it will be a nice thing to collect as you can play in a tournament every week and still will be likely to receive new ones.

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Sounds good overall, four GNKs a year rather than three and separating things out appears to be a function of how popular the games are, which can only be a good thing, right?

Delighted to hear there’s a European event of some sort, it was talked about a lot and fans are doing their own this year (regrettably at the same time as UK Games Expo), but good to see FFG being responsive to demand. With half the Top 16 at Worlds this year coming from Europe, is great to see some more encouragement from the company.

Overall it shows there’s thought and effort going into supporting the games outside of printing moar cards, which is always encouraging. The exact forum of prize support is always going to be up in the air depending on who you are and what you’ve got already, however as long as we get some shiny stuff for taking part it’s all good, right?


Just on the European event, if you’re referring to the Euregio event I don’t think that’s meant as a sort of European nationals - it’s been around for a while and happens twice a year I believe

Its a Netrunner event created in the fashion of the ANRPC type stuff, which folk decided was best running at Euregio from a logistics point of view. There’s a whole thread on it.

I don’t see how you could have a European “Nationals”, a bigger event for people of multiple nationalities to come together over is a nice thing to have alongside (whether above or to the side of) individual National events.