2018 GNK Season 1 & 2 Order Windows Are Live

REPOST From Netrunner Dorks:

US Organizers! If you have not checked in with your retailer about current 2018 season game night kit order windows, do so now. You have about 2 weeks to order kits from Seasons 1 (March release) and 2 (June release):

All information on all 2018 kit ordering was sent directly to stores by their Alliance rep.

Make sure you retailer has received the email and get them to order kits that you need. If they have not, have them contact their rep, yesterday!

If you are an organizer for any LCG and are not part of the North American Organizers FB Group, please send me a PM and I will get you in so you can get up to date info as we get it.

Thank you for organizing!

if you are outside the US, please contact your local distributor for your country/region for information on ordering windows and release dates.