2018 UK Regionals Announced!

Boards and Swords – Derby
Date: 21st July
Website: www.boardsandswords.co.uk
Email: info@boardsandswords.co.uk // Phone: 01332364104

Dark Sphere
Date: TBC

Dice and Donuts – Preston
Date: 30th June
Website: www.diceanddonuts.co.uk
Email: hello@diceanddonuts.co.uk // Phone: 01772824969

Dice Saloon – Brighton
Date: 14th July
Website: www.dicesaloon.com
Email: axel@dicesaloon.com // Phone: 07950277167

Element Games – Stockport
Date: 29th July
Website: www.elementgames.co.uk
Email: events@elementgames.co.uk // Phone: 01613769620

Fan Boy Three – Manchester
Date: 1st July
Website: www.fanboy3.co.uk
Email: fanboythreemanchester@gmail.com // Phone: 01612477735

Knightly Games – Lanark
Date: 28th July
Website: www.knightlygaming.co.uk
Email: info@knightlygaming.co.uk

Patriot Games – Sheffield
Date: 4th August
Website: www.patriotgames.ltd.uk
Email: jim@patriotgames.ltd.uk // Phone: 01142731762

The Games Shop – Aldershot
Date: 11th August
Website: Redirecting...
Email: shop@thegamesshopaldershot.co.uk // Phone: 01252311443

The Gamers’ Emporium – Swansea
Date: 28th-29th July
Website: thegamersemporium.co.uk
Email: enquiries@thegamersemporium.co.uk // Phone: 01792930328

Warboar – London
Date: 18th August
Website: www.warboargames.co.uk
Email: info@warboar.co.uk // Phone: 02036593738

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Does seem a shame that the geographical distribution of Regionals is so clustered:

Really wish FFGOP (Evdesium/Asmodee OP or whatever) could be a bit more proactive in organising these venues and dates and balancing things. I know it is driven by which stores apply, but would it be super difficult for FFGOP to contact stores who’ve hosted in the past and stores who hosted a SC this year and ask them if they want to apply?

I know a lot of people will be disappointed at how few Regionals they can make, and how far they will have to travel to do so. I think I can get to 6 in total, but I’m going to clock up 2,000 miles of driving if I do all 6! :worried:


The announcement from new OP Coordinator at Asmodee:

the two most important factors considered when allocating the next set of events were the strength of the stores application in combination with their geographical location.

Must have been very light on applications then I guess?

4 I can reasonably make, and will probably actually get to two or three. Six months into the game that’s all I’m willing to commit. :sweat_smile: