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2019 Off the Grid Regional Championship at FFG

Oops, we did it again. Mead Crüe has assembled another pile of swag for you to battle over. More swag than NISEI wants to give you, and more than FFG ever dared. And what’s more, we’re taking Minnesota ANR’s favorite illicit bloodsport right to where it all began: Fantasy Flight Games Event Center.

Yeah. You heard that right. We don’t give a fuck. OTG and Mead Crüe is riding up straight gangster. We hold the tournies where we want. We give the prizes that we want. We run these Nets. So come throw down, get your swag on, and raise the one finger salute to anyone who says our game is dead and gone.

Oh, and that swag? Don’t even trip. Miles from www.aurbits.com has a small set of goodies for the first 30 people to check in, plus OTG has alt playmats, alt arts, and other swag for you to grab. Here’s a peak at the mats and raffle prizes.

Sweet, Sweet Swag:

Top 2 Mats - Aumakua to Champ, ETR to Runner Up. Official Mats in Rank Order, or Upon Request.

Kysra Alt Arts for Raffle

And now that I have your attention, check it.



Event goes down at 10:00PM CT on 6/15/19 at Fantasy Flight Games Event Center. For those that don’t know, this is at 1975 County Road B2 W, Roseville, MN 55113, USA. We’re doing registration roughly at 10:00AM, with cards hitting the tables at 11:00AM.

Rounds are going to be 65 minutes, with roughly 4-6 depending on attendance followed by a Top 4/8. A break after the second round, around 1:10PM, will be observed for lunch and/or dinner. FFG has food, but does not allow anything ordered in. The break will be roughly an hour. Plan accordingly.

Entry Fee will be $15 in either cash or Venmo/PayPal (details at event), which will go towards covering participation prizes, raffle prizes, and the Regionals Kit. TOs and some contributors will take a cut and then, if there’s left over, we will be putting that towards future tournaments.

FULL NISEI TOURNEY RULES, FLOOR RULES, MWL, AND PACK LEGALITY WILL BE OBSERVED. Even though this is an illicit event, we’re not animals. Please familiarize yourself with whatever the current official rules are, as we will be following them in the spirit of keeping this close to actual competitive Netrunner.

Scorched Earth & Hunter Seeker Prizes:

Additional prize opportunities are what makes this OTG.

Scorched Earth is a Minnesota ANR and Mead Crüe tradition. It is a special, undisclosed prize awarded to the lowest ranked non-dropped player. This is to reward their tenacity and perseverance for sticking with it even after it’s pretty clear winning isn’t in the cards (no pun intended).

Hunter Seekers are bounties on the heads of any former Worlds Top 16 Competitors in attendance (we may get @spags, @aandries, @Ajar, and possibly Jens). It’s simple: If you are paired against and best one of these top players, you’ll have your choice of @babyweyland’s excellent alt art IDs:



Always Be Running: https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/2175/2019-off-the-grid-regional-championship
Decklist Submission Forms: http://nisei.net/files/Decklists.pdf
NISEI Code of Conduct: http://nisei.net/about/code-of-conduct
NISEI OP Policies & Floor Rules: http://nisei.net/files/Organized_Play_Policies.pdf
NISEI Standard Format: http://nisei.net/op/supported-formats

Kysra Alts: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/kysra
MeanLady Alts: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/meanladyaltarts

Disclaimer: Any and all event details are subject to change. In the case of any saltiness, please know that any and all dickish comments will be ignored and summarily dismissed.)


While I don’t often think of Minnesota, when I do, it’s because of events like this. I LOVE that you all are strolling into FFG and be like, “You canceled this game? Nah. We’ll take it from here. It’s what we were doing even while you had it, anyway.”


I think you’re giving us a bit too much credit on how brazen this is. It’s all a joke – We totally made sure they were cool with it first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I appreciate the sentiment, though. I’m working hard to make sure that Netrunner stays alive and well in Minnesota.


I remember the guy from the shop the day after Magnum Opus told us he doesn’t care and is happy to host ANR and I think it even includes Worlds.

Mead Crüe is pleased to announce that we have accepted a prize sponsorship from www.aurbits.com!

Participation prizes for up to 30 competitors will be available at sign in, so come quick and get your swag on.

You can also visit the site and purchase sweet, sweet ANR swag for you or your next tournament.

Y’all, get some of this sweet swag Miles is offering at www.aurbits.com. He delivered for OTG beyond my expectations.


I forgot to mention, though it is on the ABR page: Decklists will be required.

You can download a form fill list right here: https://tinyurl.com/niseiformfill

Please complete the form either hand a printed copy in at the event or email lists to: anroffthegrid@gmail.com

I will also have printed blank ones at the event and a bunch of pens.

Wishing everybody best of luck, I won’t be able to make it up this weekend but I’m sure hoping to hear about a great turnout and see some excellent games!


Thanks for running a great tournament, OT!

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You’re welcome. It was a pleasure.

Are there any VOD of this Regional?

There’s one on the event page. Unfortunately it’s just the first 4 rounds. I messed up and didn’t download the rest, then Twitch ate it.

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Thanks, I see the link on the ABR page!