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2021 Off The Grid Midwest Championship at GameZenter - Sept 11 & 12

IMPORTANT: Proof of COVID-19 vaccination OR a mask will be REQUIRED to be added to the tournament roster. See statement below.

It’s OTG busting out from the throes of a global pandemic, ready to lift that one finger salute up high and finally host another event put together by the homies of the Mead Crüe. We had to cancel 2020’s outing, but now Minnesota ANR’s favorite illicit bloodsport is back and going bigger and better than ever. You’re gonna get exactly what we promised last year: More competition. More events. More swag.

And we’re still ridin’ up dirty on the GameZenter (formerly Fantasy Flight Game Center) like we don’t give no f***s. Because baby, that whole past year has us in a mood. We’re taking it out on our [formerly] FFG homies by wresting control for two whole days: Saturday Swiss, Sunday Cut, Sunday Side Events. If that sounds good to you, come and kick it with us.

Keep eyes on this spot in the coming month to see more of that OTG swag. Oh, and the prizes too.



Event goes down at 10:00AM CT on 9/11/21 at GameZenter (formerly Fantasy Flight Games Event Center). For those that don’t know, this is at 1975 County Road B2 W, Roseville, MN 55113, USA. We’re doing registration for Day 1 roughly at 10:00AM, with cards hitting the tables at 11:00AM. Day 2 will start at 10:30AM with all qualifying participants.

Day 1 Rounds are going to be 65 minutes, with roughly 4-6, depending on attendance. A break after the second round, around 1:10PM, will be observed for lunch and/or dinner. FFG has food, but does not allow anything ordered in. The break will be roughly an hour. Plan accordingly. There’s not a whole lot close other than nasty fast food.

Day 2 Rounds will begin with more Swiss, followed by a Top 4/8 Cut, depending on attendance. Less attendance means possibly less Swiss. Potentially, depending on attendance, there may be a progressive cut going into Day 2 (this is unlikely, but we’ll let y’all know).

Day 2 will also run a small Eternal tournament. We have to work out the details, but tentatively this will be a small Swiss with a Top 4. Either that, or pods of 6-8 players with three rounds of Swiss and no Cut. That’s all TBD.

Entry Fee will be $15 via Eventbrite. I need people to pre-order the tix to support the event and to get an idea of attendance. I will do same-day registrations and payment, but I can’t accept any cash at the venue. Also, I have a cap of 64 seats (with possible wiggle room), so this guarantees you a spot!

(Tickets will go on sale 7/4/21 at 11:00AM and be available up to the day of the event unless sold out. Possible increases in the cap will be looked at if we reach it.)

FULL NISEI TOURNEY RULES, FLOOR RULES, MWL, AND PACK LEGALITY WILL BE OBSERVED. Even though this is an illicit event, we’re not animals. Please familiarize yourself with whatever the current official rules are, as we will be following them in the spirit of keeping this close to actual competitive Netrunner.

Players will be expected to bring decklists (or fill out on-site), and adhere to all established NISEI policies for conduct, tournament rules, and Standard Format card legality.

Scorched Earth & Hunter Seeker Prizes:

Additional prize opportunities are what makes this OTG. Check it:

Scorched Earth is a Minnesota ANR and Mead Crüe tradition. It is a special, undisclosed prize awarded to the lowest ranked non-dropped player. This is to reward their tenacity and perseverance for sticking with it even after it’s pretty clear winning isn’t in the cards (no pun intended). I know it’s possible, but please don’t intentionally drop games for this.

Hunter Seekers are bounties on the heads of any former Worlds Top 16 Competitors in attendance (we may get @spags, @aandries, @Ajar, @paranoid, @dashakan). It’s simple: If you are paired against and best one of these top players, you’ll have your choice of @babyweyland’s excellent alt art IDs.


Always Be Running Page
Eventbrite Ticket Purchasing Page
Facebook Event Page

Decklist Submission Forms
NISEI Code of Conduct
NISEI OP Policies & Floor Rules
NISEI Standard Format

Kysra Alts: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/kysra
MeanLady Alts: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/meanladyaltarts

(Any and all event details are subject to change. Also, the above is in jest; we love our FFG homies. In the case of any saltiness, please know that any and all dickish comments will be ignored and summarily dismissed.)

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As always, top prize at this event will include the custom Kysra space turtle playmat for our Champion.

The Runner Up will receive another traditional mat for OTG, our famous “End the run.”

Custom enamel commemorative pins will be available for purchase at the event. Hunter Seeker bounty targets will receive one upon entry as a special thanks, several will be given away in raffle, and Top Cut will all receive one.

Tickets are available now! Go here: tinyurl.com/2021OTGMWCtix

COVID-19 Statement

We have made a decision regarding masks and vaccine verification.

The TLDR of it is that we suggest you bring your mask and card, but will not be requiring either. If that causes people to not want to come, we’re are sorry. But we do hope you read on. The are a couple of reasons for this decision we’d like to explain.

We’re not anti-mask, anti-science, or anti-vaccine. We are committed to following and and all guidance of the CDC any and all applicable mandates of the nation, state, and venue. If masks are heavily encouraged by September we’ll require them. If somehow, Jackson forbid, the situation is worse we’ll have our finger on the cancel button again.

The current guidance of the CDC is that resuming pre-pandemic activities without masks and/or social distancing is extremely safe for fully vaccinated people. The government is not requiring proof of vaccination for anything. The venue is allowing people to come in unmasked at their discretion, recommending only doing so if vaccinated.

Further, vaccination rates are nearing 70% of Minnesotans and 50% of people nationwide. Numbers are only going to go up, and it is reasonable to assume that the outlook is going to be much better in the next two and a half months.

Regarding proof of vaccination, that has its own problems as well. Not only are there some privacy and bodily autonomy concerns we’re unwilling to get involved with, there’s an onus on people with legitimate medical reasons for being unvaccinated to explain why they aren’t. Also, a certain stigma if we’re booting people at event registration. So we’re not doing it.

We do want to explicitly ask people that are unvaccinated: PLEASE DO NOT COME. While we could control mask use of the people participating in our tournament, the venue will have other customers who will only be expected to follow the venue’s rules. We can’t protect you from them. You have to understand you’re accepting any and all risk if you participate.

All the above said, we still do suggest bringing your mask and vaccination card. We are asking you to mask up as a courtesy if an opponent requests that you do so. We’re also pro-mask for anyone that wants to wear one the entire event. Situations change, so it is possible this policy changes prior to the event and you should be prepared even if we’re requiring no cards or masks at this time.

Thanks. We hope this provides clarification.


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Updated COVID-19 Statement

Due to the rise in the Delta Variant of COVID-19 across the United States and concerns raised by a large number of players that are expressing interest in attending this tournament, OTG is changing policy on proof of vaccination and masks.

We will now require attendees to either show some sort of proof of vaccination or agree to wear a mask for the duration of the tournament. Failure to do so will result in either not being added to the tournament roster, or being dropped if the tournament is already underway.

Our policy for this tournament will still follow all applicable federal, state, local, and store policies. This means that if those become more restrictive prior to the tournament, ours will too.

We would also, again, like to urge the unvaccinated to not attend. Despite these precautions, COVID is still transmissible and the other venue attendees will not be held to the same standards.


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Additional prizes for OTG. Backs done by ya boi, beautiful arts by @babyweyland. If you want a piece, come and throw down.

The ones with the OTG backs are for participation, and the double-sided foil is a limited prize for Hunter Seeker.

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With the announcement of in-person Worlds being canceled this year, I believe OTG needs to issue a statement to clarify our positions on things and how we will be handling our event moving forward.

At this time, OTG will remain an in-person event. Yes, even with Delta cases increasing and new CDC guidance on use of masks for vaccinated persons. There are several reasons we’re not jumping to cancel, and some of these are things people should be aware of when discussing COVID and the Delta Variant.

Number one, OTG is a regional event for the most part, limited to a handful of people doing cross country travel and most coming from in-state or neighboring states. We do not expect people to be coming in internationally, and so the scope of the event is more limited than considering the entire globe.

Number two, the CDC is suggesting vaccinated people wear masks not because they are likely to get Delta Variant. It is because, though breakthrough infections are rare, a vaccinated person with Delta Variant carries the same viral load as a person who is unvaccinated. Making them as contagious as an unvaccinated person.

Number three, vaccinated persons who contract Delta Variant (which, this cannot be stressed enough, is rare) are extremely unlikely to experience severe symptoms of the disease which require medical care or hospitalisation. So, if you are vaccinated you have a very large measure of protection against the worst effects.

This all said, we again urge unvaccinated folks to sit this one out. It is not safe for you. We also urge anyone with vulnerable family members to consider the risks. We are not saying that this will be 100% safe, and we make no guarantees to that effect. You have to judge your risk tolerance for yourself.

Finally, we urge all attendees to bring both their Proof of Vaccination AND a mask. Depending on Delta Variant cases and vaccination rates the week-of the tournament, it is possible we switch to requiring BOTH to participate. Come prepared, and take care of yourselves.

With Love,

Hunter Seeker Medallions are in!


The COVID situation, as always, is rapidly changing. So too must our policies and how we respond to protect people. With the rise of Delta among unvaccinated folks, OTG has a few more changes from when we first announced:

  1. PROOF OF VACCINATION IS NOW REQUIRED. Bring your card. We’re not photocopying it or retaining records, but we’re checking to make sure you’re good to go before being added to the tournament roster.

  2. BRING A MASK. Masking will be a “Game Day” decision. We’re still not technically requiring them, but come with the expectation that we will. If case rates in Ramsey County are spiking on the week or day of, we will announce requirement at the door.

  3. GET TESTED. We’re not requiring additional proof of a negative test, but we urge anyone coming to get a test for COVID beforehand. This isn’t perfect, but it will be some measure of protection to ensure we’re not spreading.

  4. STAY AWAY IF YOU’RE SICK. This sucks, but if you’re feeling sick on the day please stay away. I will work with anyone in the area who has traveled in for the tournament to get you prizes and/or a refund if you have to do this.

Keep in mind, if you’re vaccinated the outlook is still great for you. All of this is being overly cautious in the name of safety and doing our part to not spread the disease. We believe this event can still be a safe and fun time.

Love Always,

The details of the Eternal side event have been worked out. This will be on Day 2, September 12th. Eight rounds of SIngle Sided Swiss with a Top 4 Cut to follow.

The recently announced “Eternal Points List” will be used in place of the Banned/Restricted list. See the following NISEI blog post:

No decklists will be required, no byes are on the line, and there will be a small smattering of prizes but this is more for fun than making it rain.

Keep a watch out for additional updates to the Eternal Points List. If there is anything released before 8/28, we’ll use the updated list.

@DanB has provided OTG with an excellent trophy. It even lights up!

@Orbital_Tangent Hi Joshua! I wasn’t sure how else to reach you, so I’m giving this a go. I played in this event but was a same-day registration and didn’t have any cash on me. I hit up an ATM over lunch but then forgot to pay, such was my intense focus on nets and the running of them. Long story short, I owe the organizers fifteen dolla! How can I get it to y’all? I have Venmo and PayPal at my disposal.

p.s. Thanks for running an amazing event! I had a blast.