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2022 Off The Grid Midwest Championship at GameZenter - July 8, 9, 10

IMPORTANT: Proof of COVID-19 vaccination OR a mask will be REQUIRED to be added to the tournament roster. This is subject to change based on case rates.

Minnesota’s favorite illicit bloodsport is back yet again, still rocking that one finger salute up high, and still looking to knock you out with our ever increasing ambitions. That’s right guys, gals, and non-binary pals: The homies of the Mead Crüe are here to let you know OTG 2022 is going down, and it’s doing so with all the competition, events, and swag you’d expect.

As is tradition, we ride up on the GameZenter (formerly Fantasy Flight Game Center) like we mof***ing own the joint. This year, we’re going even harder with three whole days packed with events: Friday Gods of the Grid, Saturday Main Event Swiss, Sunday Startup & Main Event Cut. Come and kick it with us for any and all of these, otherwise you’re missing out.

More details are to come, so eyes on this spot to see more of that OTG swag. And the prizes, too.


This event is being held at GameZenter (formerly Fantasy Flight Games Event Center). For those that don’t know, the address is: 1975 County Road B2 W, Roseville, MN 55113, USA.

Entry Fee will be $55 via Eventbrite, with a special $20 Startup Only ticket for those that are not attending the full event. The $55 ticket entitles you to participation in Gods of the Grid, Main Event, and Startup. Tickets are on sale now and will be available up to the day of the Gods of the Grid event unless sold out.

I need people to pre-order the tix to support the event and to get an idea of attendance. I will do same-day registrations and payment, but it is not ideal. Although we don’t expect to hit it, I have a cap of 114 seats (with possible wiggle room), so a pre-order guarantees you a spot. Possible increases in the cap will be looked at if we reach it.

FULL NISEI TOURNEY RULES, FLOOR RULES, MWL, AND PACK LEGALITY WILL BE OBSERVED. Even though this is an illicit event, we’re not animals. Please familiarize yourself with whatever the current official rules are, as we will be following them in the spirit of keeping this close to actual competitive Netrunner.

On all days a break after the second round, around 1:10PM, will be observed for lunch and/or dinner. FFG has food, but does not allow anything ordered in. The break will be roughly an hour. Plan accordingly. There’s not a whole lot close other than nasty fast food.

07/08/2022 - Day 1 - Gods of the Grid
No Decklists. Main Event Ticket Required (Click Here). NISEI Standard Format.

This will be a 3-person team tournament in the style of grand ol’ King of Servers. Submit your team’s info via this Google Form. While we don’t expect to hit it, there’s a hard cap of 38 teams of 3, which is our people cap of 114. We could possibly wiggle 1 more team in if needed.

Teams will be required to represent all three main Runner factions (Anarch, Criminal, Shaper) with no duplicates on the team. Minifactions may be swapped in place of a main faction, but again no duplicates. Teams will also need to represent 3 of the 4 Corp factions with no duplicates. If the Midnight Sun set is out and the Neutral Runner/Corp IDs are in it, they will be treated as a minifaction swap in.

Event goes down at 10:00AM CT on 7/8/22 We’re doing registration for GOTG roughly at 10:00AM, with cards hitting the tables at 11:00AM. Your team should register together. There will be 5 Swiss rounds of 65 minutes. Teams will be paired off based on their combined win/loss records, with individual players sitting across from each other based on individual records.

Table talk and banter fully allowed, including showing cards to your teammates. This more in the spirit of fun and teamwork than someone literally piloting decks that aren’t theirs, so teams are allowed to call judges for slow play and observation if there’s suspected abuse of this rule. During the last 5 minutes of each round, all table talk is expected to cease as the remaining players fight for their lives.

There will be some prize support in the form of playmats, cards, and an optional pool of cash. Basically, anyone who thinks their team can take this down is invited to put their money where there mouth is and lay down some cash, with the cash donations split between the top 3 teams roughly 60/30/10 depending on how much is thrown in. OTG will not take a cut.

07/09/2022 - Day 2 - Main Event Swiss
Decklists Required. Main Event Ticket Required (Click Here). NISEI Standard Format.


Main Event goes down at 10:00AM CT on 7/9/22. Registration for at roughly at 10:00AM, with cards hitting the tables at 11:00AM. Rounds will also be 65 minutes. 6 rounds of Swiss will be held, unless there is attendance to support more.

Decklists will be required even if this is a Circuit Opener as OTG is a bit of a unique competitive event. Participants will need to submit a physical copy, which can be done onsite or done beforehand and printed out. As long as the list is legible, any physical copy will be acceptable and doesn’t need to be the NISEI standard sheet.

07/08/2022 - Day 3 - Startup & Main Event Cut
No Decklists for Startup. Main Event Ticket OR Startup Only Ticket are Required (Click Here).

Startup registration will begin at 10:00AM CT on 7/10/22, with cards down at 11:00AM. Rounds will also be 65 minutes, like the other events. This is currently planned to be a casual 3-4 rounds of Swiss with no Cut, but depending on attendance may go to 5 rounds with a small 4 person Cut.

The Main Event Cut will start at 10:30AM on 7/10/22 with all qualifying participants. Rounds will be 45min with some decently long 15-20min breaks between rounds as we weave Startup and Cut rounds between one another. Those who are in the Main Event Cut are unfortunately not able to participate in Startup nor will we be adding them after elimination.

Scorched Earth & Hunter Seeker Prizes

Additional prize opportunities are what makes this OTG. Check it:

Scorched Earth is a Minnesota ANR and Mead Crüe tradition. It is a special, undisclosed prize awarded to the lowest ranked non-dropped player. This is to reward their tenacity and perseverance for sticking with it even after it’s pretty clear winning isn’t in the cards (no pun intended). I know it’s possible, but please don’t intentionally drop games for this.

Hunter Seekers are bounties on the heads of any former Worlds Top 16 Competitors in attendance (we may get @spags, @aandries, @Ajar, @paranoid, @dashakan). It’s simple: If you are paired against and best one of these top players, you’ll have your choice of @babyweyland’s excellent alt art IDs.


Always Be Running Page - Main Event
Always Be Running Page - Gods of the Grid
Always Be Running Page - Startup
Eventbrite Ticket Purchasing Page
Facebook Event Page

Decklist Submission Forms
NISEI Code of Conduct
NISEI OP Policies & Floor Rules
NISEI Standard Format

Kysra Alts: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/kysra
MeanLady Alts: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/meanladyaltarts

(Any and all event details are subject to change. Also, the above is in jest; we love our FFG homies. In the case of any saltiness, please know that any and all dickish comments will be ignored and summarily dismissed.)

As is tradition, the 1st and 2nd place will get the option to substitute their official NISEI playmat with Aumakua by Kysra or the ETR mat by yours truly. Check 'em:

Now that NISEI has released the Circuit Opener kit, these are some of the prizes to look forward to! Note: Unless OTG is named the 2022 US National Championship, this kit will be used for both the Main Event and the Startup Event.

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Tickets are on sale now!

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Gods of the Grid has tentative prizing now!

  • Championship Belt - The top member of the top team will be awarded our first ever Gods of the Grid Championship Belt, and will hereafter be known as God of the Grid. At least, until they lose their title. Good luck, mortals, and long may the God of the Grid reign.

  • Uncut Roseville Sheets - Framed, uncut sheets of a Roseville Draft Set will be awarded to each member of the top team. These are custom, laugh inducing cards brought to you by the folks of SanSanFranciso, @ctz and @murphy. Follow them here: Twitch

  • Cash Pool - This is optional, but you must throw in to participate. Anyone who thinks their team can take this down is invited to put their money where there mouth is and donate cash at registration. Cash donations to be split between the participating top 3 teams roughly 60/30/10.

  • Raffle Prizes - Official NISEI alts, FFG alts, projects by @TheLadyWhoWasMeanToMe, and alts by @Kysra will be available as raffle prizes during the event between rounds. Kysra’s are available at: https://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/kysra

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