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3rd Rotation and building a legal card pool - Guided by Set

Hi Peeps,

ages ago I decided to organize my collection by set for reasons :wink: - Sorting your collection in other ways has it’s advantages I am sure :wink: … Anyhow… for people out there that also sorted their collection by set I have some ressources that might help building a legal card pool:

System Core 2019:
If you want to build the SC19 as a physical set here are two decklists for Corp and Runner with original card numbers, showing you where to find the cards needed (click Actions -> sort by set on Netrunnerdb):



Terminal Directive:
If you just want to know which cards to pull out of the “now” rotated Terminal Directive Expansion, look at this picture showing cards that are still legal today:

Lunar and Creation and Control:
These sets have also rotated out of the legal card pool due to the 3rd Rotation. Cards still legal to play were reprinted in Nisei’s Ashes Expansion and from what I have gathered, more of them might be reprinted in future releases. Here’s a pic of the old cards reprinted so far: (actually False Lead is from Genesis and Colossus from TD derp - should have called this Saved from 3rd Rotation I guess)

Legal FFG Deluxe Expanions:
Honor and Profit
Order and Chaos
Data and Destiny
Reign and Reverie

Legal FFG Cycles:
Red Sands
(Magnum Opus - POD only)

Legal Nisei Expansions:
Magnum Opus Reprint

Most Wanted List:
be sure to check for an up to date MWL on nisei.net - certain cards in the above named expansions and cylces are or may be banned for play. Here’s the link to the MWL valid on 25.04.2020


That’s it for now, hope it helps someone. Did I miss something or make a mistake? Please let me know.

So long and always be running,


Sorting by set is the better way to do it; I’ve been doing it that way since FFG announced rotation. I hope your guide will be useful to others.