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3rd Rotation and building a legal card pool - Guided by Set

Hi Peeps,

ages ago I decided to organize my collection by set for reasons :wink: - Sorting your collection in other ways has it’s advantages I am sure :wink: … Anyhow… for people out there that also sorted their collection by set I have some ressources that might help building a legal card pool:

System Core 2019:
If you want to build the SC19 as a physical set here are two decklists for Corp and Runner with original card numbers, showing you where to find the cards needed (click Actions -> sort by set on Netrunnerdb):



Terminal Directive:
If you just want to know which cards to pull out of the “now” rotated Terminal Directive Expansion, look at this picture showing cards that are still legal today:

Lunar and Creation and Control:
These sets have also rotated out of the legal card pool due to the 3rd Rotation. Cards still legal to play were reprinted in Nisei’s Ashes Expansion and from what I have gathered, more of them might be reprinted in future releases. Here’s a pic of the old cards reprinted so far: (actually False Lead is from Genesis and Colossus from TD derp - should have called this Saved from 3rd Rotation I guess)

Legal FFG Deluxe Expanions:
Honor and Profit
Order and Chaos
Data and Destiny
Reign and Reverie

Legal FFG Cycles:
Red Sands
(Magnum Opus - POD only)

Legal Nisei Expansions:
Magnum Opus Reprint

Most Wanted List: Banlist

Since 20.06.2020 we have a banlist instead of a most wanted list.

All currents can go into your rotated binder for now e.g. but I assume they are going to stay there.

Here’s some useful links with visual representations:



That’s it for now, hope it helps someone. Did I miss something or make a mistake? Please let me know.

So long and always be running,


Sorting by set is the better way to do it; I’ve been doing it that way since FFG announced rotation. I hope your guide will be useful to others.