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4th of June - Cache Refresh side event at Euros

Sunday, the 4th of June, we’ll be organizing a community run Cache Refresh side event at the UK Games Expo.

↳ Format: Cache Refresh
↳ Start: 11.00
↳ TO: Elwin “Jakuza”
↳ Participation: Free for all ANR Euro Championship participants

Important: Cache Refresh cardpool, but no bidding. We’ll play regular double sided swiss (you play both sides in a round).

As we aren’t timebound and trying to schedule rounds to coincide with a Regional top cut, we will not be using the bidding system. We are mainly looking to have a fun alt format side event and to explore this new format’s cardpool.

↳ Cardpool:
1 Coreset*
1 Terminal Directive
1 Big box of choice
Flashpoint cycle
Red Sands cycle

↳ Latest legal datapack: Station One.
↳ Earth’s Scion is NOT legal.

  • 1 Coreset: So only 1x Desperado, 1x SanSan City Grid, only 2x Account Siphon, 2x Magnum Opus, etc.

↳ Registration: Recommended & appreciated, as this will give us an indication how many participants to expect. You can sign in by registering yourself as present at this event. We will have a max capacity of 64 players.

Registration and info at:


Thanks for organizing! A great way to spend Sunday shufflin’ & dealin’ for those who still needed to scratch that itch. If only luck was on my side. Grah.

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