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5/30 - The Heart of Frogtown Charity Event - Chronos Prize Support from FFG and more! - Toledo, OH

Frogtown Hobbies and Board in Toledo will be holding an Android Netrunner Tournament on May 30th at 12:00 PM, to benefit the Whole Hearts Foundation.

The Whole Hearts Foundation is an organization that helps families who have kids born with Congenital Heart Disease. James Fox, Co-Owner of Frogtown Hobbies, has a son who was born with CHD, so this charity and cause is something very important to him. He wanted to put on an event to support the organization that helped him and his son out, through their journey.

  • Entry will be a minimum of $10 donation to the Whole Hearts Foundation
  • Registration will begin at 11:00 AM
  • Number of rounds of swiss will depend on number of participants
  • A maximum cut of Top 4 will be made, if necessary, based on attendance
  • Frogtown Hobbies is located at 5229 Hill Avenue, Toledo, OH 43615 (Close to 80/90 and I-75/US23)

We’ve received donations from several different gaming companies, for prize support, raffles, demoing, etc. throughout the entire day. It’s amazing how willing all of these great companies were to donate to such a great cause. One of the companies was Fantasy Flight, and they really went above and beyond. The items Fantasy Flight Games donated are:

  • The Chronos Protocol Tour Playmat
  • The Chronos Protocol Tour Bag
  • Alternate Art Making News Identity Card
  • (3) Sets of Acrylic Faction Click Trackers
  • (7) Plastic Identity Cards (2x Andy/Cerebra Imaging, 2x Gabriel Santiago/Building a Better World, 1x Kate/Making News, 1x Personal Evolution/Noise, 1x Engineering the Future)

Inked Playmats was gracious enough to donate a Netrunner-themed Playmat to the cause, as well.

Board in Toledo will be donating (2) sets of BiT Credits

Frogtown Hobbies will also be putting a Spring 2015 Game Night Kit into the prize pool

Half of the items listed above will be distributed to the top performers of the day, and the other half will be given away randomly, by drawing entrants names from a hat.

We would love for you to consider coming. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


There will be at least four of us coming from Bloomington Indiana.


I’m not saying I’m a saint or anything, but if anyone is planning on just doing $10 you should really reconsider. This prize pool is worth a bunch of cash and it’s full of stuff you can’t get regularly. Beyond any personal gains please remember this is a charity event. Consider that when it comes time to pay entry.

Let’s show the gracious hosts at Frogtown that the netrunner community appreciates what they’re doing and that we’re willing to work for a good cause.

EDIT: The cost for a regional is $20 bucks… just saying.


That’s awesome! We’re glad to have you guys coming!

I do not disagree at all. On the other hand going at all is better than not right? I will chip in a bit more than the $10, but I am a grad student so cash is tight at the best of times.

Totally agree. If I could chip in more than ten I would but I’ve been hella broke lately. The ten is already a bit of a push.

Sorry to both of you, don’t want to scare you off and it is absolutely acceptable to pay the expected amount to play. Having just payed $20 twice for regionals with 1/4 the prize support I wanted to speak up. Obviously I would rather have everyone show up, as would the organizer I’m sure.

We are most certainly glad to welcome anyone to the event, regardless of any extra you can give. $10 to the Whole Hearts Foundation is still awesome!

I think that speaks more about the quality of FFG prize support normally. That and the quality of fan events in general.

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To be fair here, most of the prize support was donated by FFG for this event. I think they try their best with their prizes for the official events and are aware of the community’s desires. I think the biggest problem is Netrunner has grown way faster than they expected, and since they’re a larger company (that just recently got acquired) they move pretty slowly to make changes in that stuff. For some more insight on their stance on things, you should watch the Team Covenant interview of Steve Horvath here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuRemLQx2rk

Unfortunately, Chrome City still hasn’t made an appearance in Toledo… So it will NOT be legal tomorrow.

Had a great time at this event! It seemed to run very smoothly and had a decent turn out (16 People?)

Lots of friendly faces and the top tables were all fine gents despite all trying very hard to win. It was cool to scope some of the Ohio meta. Also, Valencia was everywhere.

Ended up 2nd with the Chronos Mat and won the drawing for the Noise/PE Plastic ID as well!

I hope it was able to raise some money for a good cause.

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We ended up with 19 total players, and raised $410 for the Whole Hearts Foundation!

It was really nice to see people coming in from all over the place. Thanks to everyone, locals, out of towners, and even out of staters.

We’re looking to make this a yearly thing, so we’ll let everyone know a little further in advance, next year, as I know some of the Detroit/Ann Arbor Crew weren’t able to attend.


Had a great time at the event! Went from 0 - 2 first round to 4th making the cut, to undefeated in eliminations taking first (Quest Completed MVP!) and scoring a Chronos Protocol bag and acrylic Andy/CI. Shout out to Joel (@pizzarony) and Frogtown Hobbies for all the work organizing the event for a great cause, and thanks to FFG for sponsoring it with prizes worth the 3 hour drive. Oh and thanks to @eric_c for driving :stuck_out_tongue:


@ItJustGotRielle Congrats again, you fought hard for that win!

For some reason Guile’s theme was stuck in my head on the way home…


Fantastic event! I can’t wait to go to this again next year! The level of competition was ridiculously high – it was great to chat with all the friendly, skilled opponents, and play against some of the local powerhouses. And the prizes for the event were incomparable. Still dazed that I got the exact prize I was shooting for (plastic Andy/CI).

Much props to Joel, Andrew, and everyone else who helped organize this great event. Was also great to match up against @zolend – I learned a lot about playing against Valencia, and about checking ICE before advancing them. Really, I learned a ton from the murderer’s row of opponents thrown at me. Congrats and respect to @ItJustGotRielle for taking it all with jank tech. :stuck_out_tongue:

That reminds me, enjoy my ritualistic pre-tournament hype song! Pray to the hype, and receive it unto you, for the hype is Rielle™.

i like to think my superstition of listening to rap music on the way up, and your superstition of Guile music before the first round, combined during our drive to surge us to the top on saturday!

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Time for a commemorative mashup!

Well played by the three of you.

@eric_c, that first round was rough. Thanks for further cementing my hatred of running against RP. I think about 1 out of 5 or 6 times I play against RP, the corp just gets the right draw and auto-wins. I guess I need to learn how to psi game better. I look forward to a possible rematch this week at the Detroit Regional.

All of the credit goes to Joel and the store for this tourney. He spent a bit of time reaching out to all the nice folks that ended up donating the prize pool for us. Thanks FFG!