50% off ABR albums today and new album on the way!

It’s Bandcamp Friday and I can reveal there are new tunes on the horizon!

Selections From Parhelion will be released just as Worlds 2023 begins, on Fri 13th Oct!

I’ve been working on it for a while with lots of cool new gear I’ve been able to invest in thanks to your support.

In the meantime, use code ‘parhelion’ for 50% off anything else on my page this weekend!

Always Be Running is a collection of four instrumental electronica albums inspired by Netrunner with each track representing an existing card from the pool. They’ve been used as backing music in live-streaming events and the official NSG podcast, and could provide the ideal ambiance for your own games! Also on the page are my vapourwave sailing album True Wind, and a few choice covers.

Bandcamp Friday is a special arrangement from Bandcamp where on the first Friday of every month since the pandemic started, they waive their usual processing/hosting fees for all music on their site, so 100% goes to the artists.


Welcome back after a short hiatus - and thanks for all the great music! <3

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Can’t wait, I listen daily!

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Amazing! I’m super excited for the new tracks, all your previous work has been awesome!

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Thanks guys! If you want a listen of the album the week before, I’m having a listening party on Bandcamp on Fri 6th Oct 10pm BST:

Tune in, let’s crack a Diesel and talk music and runnin’ nets!