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5th Android Netrunner Euregio Championship - 5.6.2016, Essen, Germany

Save the Date - The 5th Android Netrunner Euregio Championship 2016 will take place on the 5th of June
Organizer: Zwobot
Date: Sunday, 5.6.2016
Location: Unperfekthaus ( http://www.unperfekthaus.de/ ), Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 18, 45127 Essen, Germany
Format: Swiss, 6 to 7 rounds and Top 3 Cut
Timetable:Registration for players 9:00 till 9:30, Starting time first round 10:00.
End of Tournament approx. 18.30


Top 3?

How’s that going to work?

After the Swiss, 2nd picks his side and plays against 3rd. The winner of that match plays against the 1st after Swiss, who picks his side.

So… why not have a top 4 - the normal way?

Most likely due to time constraints - it takes less than half the time normal top 4 would take.


how many players do you expect to register? what is the prize support?
I quite fancy a trip to the Fatherland

Anguish! Once again the Germans prevent Englanders from joining their competition!

Well, not really, but it is UK Games Expo that weekend so no invasion for me sadly.

Perhaps the German Nationals will be open this time?

Good luck with the event!


German Nationals are already announced and AFAIK closed to anyone living outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Price Support will be announced when the registration on Eurogrid is up and running. But this again as the last 4 times a casual fun event with donated not official price support. There is no distributor or any official support, so no constraints and more freedome :smile:
Labbes explained it the right way thanks. UK expo was on my calender, but i cannot go this year, so i used my free spot in my calender for this.
For players i hope on 40+, we will have room for 60 or more, seating arrangement i will check on site next week. Additional info the starting fee of 10€ will include no alcoholic beverages.

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Funny, only a 1.45 hour drive. That’s the same as to Leiden, The Hague etc.

How is parking, is it easy to do?

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I will setup a map of possible parking spaces near the Unperfekthaus for the invitation, but it is in the city centre of Essen, near a lot of parking garages and the university.
The train station is not that near, but trams and the subway are.

How does one purchase tickets for this event?

I am still in a bit of planing stage, but will setup invitations and booking features next week. Registratiorn will go over Eurogrid.net

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The 5th Android Netrunner Euregio Championship 2015 will take place on the 5th of June 2016 in the Unperfekthaus in Essen, Germany.

Organizer: Zwobot
Date: Sunday, 05.06.2016
Location: Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 18 ,45127 Essen , Germany
Format: Swiss, 5 to 7 rounds and Top 3 Cut

Here you can find the details for this tournament: http://universalamateur.net/2016/05/tournament-euregio-championship-v-5th-june-2016-essen-germany/

After 4 editions, I’m finally playing in one! Can’t wait!


A little FAQ for the coming Euregio Tournament: http://universalamateur.net/2016/05/faq-euregio-championship-v-5th-june-2016/