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7-Point Shutdown: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Cool, 28 credits is also how many you need on hand to kill Nasir with Shinobi :stuck_out_tongue:


28 is also a perfect number. I smell Illuminati conspiracy at FFG.

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plus 3 for every ghost runner credit he has on the board :smiley:

Glad you wrote this, but still wish this wasnt a thing.

And I love non-interactive decks. Build the engine until it pukes out enough points to win… its how I play Dominion haha.

But man… I always shake my head when I hear 7-point combo mentioned. Thank god for Clot.

Is there a way to incorporate a Cyberdex Trial into that combo to get the purge for Clot, even if it makes it only a 5 point combo?

I am just really awful about rapping my head around long combos like this, better at optimizing small combos that work reliably and easily.

Why not Cyberdex Suite instead? If you can spare an extra Interns to put one out, you can combo through a Clot - and you can leave it until they commit to playing it.


That would work too I imagine. Why not, as long as you got the action window for it. You can fit the Trial into an AD. Not sure if thats important… who knows.

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The problem is that the runner can tutor Clot after you’ve played Trial. With Suite, you can interns it out, and let it wait until they do.

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Why would you pick trial if clots not already in play?

If clots not on the board, and the decks combo gets weaker from needing to spend a interns card on a protection card, rather than an agenda or jackson, the value of needing to know when Suite is required is its own thing.

Who knows, both could be great for different reasons, Maybe even 1 of each. Who knows… like I said I am awful at this combo stuff.

The best way I can think of starts getting super specific with which cards you need in hand which weakens the combo significantly. With all 3 Accelerated Diagnostics in hand, Shipment from Mirrormorph out 2 Jacksons and Efficiency Committee, Shutdown, Jackson back Biotic, Interns, and Shipment from SanSan. Interns back the Cyberdex Trial onto any server and continue the combo from there. Not the easiest way to go about it, as the combo is now 8 cards, all specific rather than 6 cards with some leeway, but it is doable.

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Well indeed. But Clot can come into play midway through something, and it’s too late to put Trial in then. So Trial will never really help you. Cyberdex Suite has no such problems.


I just won a 10 person Store Championship with this deck, which included 2 Leelas and 1 Noise. Thankfully, I dodged all of them, but Gabe did manage to crush me. 4 rounds of Swiss, I lost once with CI and won all my Maxx games, then cut to Top 4 and I lost to the same Gabe deck in the finals, good thing Maxx carried me.

Still, this deck was very very strong. I beat Calimsha Kate, Desperado Test Run Whizzard, Nasir. Comboed out on turn 3 in double eliminations after Whizzard hit 6 points with Test Run Medium, Dirty Laundry, Run, Run. Yey!


I’ve been playing this deck a bit recently and it has been fun!

Two questions I’d like to ask:

  • What do people think of slotting Fast Track? One way I combo out vs Clot includes 2 Jackson and EffCom, 3/2, 5/3 in hand. It might help sometimes when you need agendas in hand to combo, I dunno. Of course, if they run to try and steal it, they will probably miss the specific thing you got and also turn on Power Shutdown (which they may be avoiding). I’m not sure how good the idea is and I’d like an outsider’s opinion.

  • Is there any way (at all) to beat Noise that isn’t either “get a nut draw” or “hope it’s the first time they’ve played against the combo”? Noise is super popular at the moment and it kinda sucks for this deck.

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[quote=“Xenasis, post:33, topic:2838”]
hope it’s the first time they’ve played against the combo
[/quote]pretty much; if they Clone Chip a virus before you AD but after you Jackson, you pass turn with your deck in the trash and a bunch of naked agendas

but i have a lot of fun with it :grin:

In short, no, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can try rushing an EC behind a WoS or Enigma.

It’s real hard especially with Street Peddler giving more sources of instant speed viruses.

My probably bad idea I’ve been meaning to test is slotting a Cerebral Static at the cost of a Power Shutdown which also turns off Leela’s ability.


Still have to deal with Clot too…

I would rather just wash my hands and call it impossible.

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How about a 2nd biotic and either try to score EC and SfSS your 3/2 or just score your 3/2 with biotic recursion ?


I think 7 point shutdown is not the deck at the moment. Noise is about 40% of the field. Kate + clot is about 40% of the rest (if not more). I think Kiv or Calimsha’s suggestions both make those games easier. But not easy enough.

I beat one Noise at Gencon with CI, but he was playing a turbo mill variant and if he had clone chip I never saw it.

I ALMOST beat another Noise (regular build) at Gencon, and almost beat one (it was @dodgepong in fact) in Durham. The Durham game he had to hit both AD’s out of my 5 card hand with a Utopia Shard, and he did. After discussing it with Dan, I could have changed my odds of losing from 1/10 to about 1/20 with a different line of play, but it took about a 10 minute discussion to figure it out. At Gencon, I just scored out 2 ECs (!!!) behind ICE, but just couldn’t get around clot to score the PrioReq in time before he milled enough points. It was close though.

So in summation, it is possible to beat Noise, not using the combo, but I put it about 98% in Noises favor. It is certainly the least balanced matchup in all of Netrunner.

EDIT: I just remembered another game at Durham (against @pacer) I could have won if I had drawn a SfSS, Archived Memories, or RecOrder on any of my last 3 turns. I had scored an EC early behind a WoS, and then 2 more 2 pointers with SfSS, but I needed one more to finish up. Again enough points got milled before I could draw it.


I made a new CI combo based on 5/3s and 6/4s. @dashakan asked for the list. Ice comp is based on @bblum’s recent list.


The CI 7-point-turn Vanity Project

Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers (Creation and Control)

Agenda (6)

Asset (4)

Upgrade (2)

Operation (27)

Barrier (4)

Code Gate (4)

Sentry (2)

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)

See the description on netrunnerdb. http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/25032/the-ci-7-point-turn-vanity-project The highlights:

Why is this combo interesting?

  1. Agenda density. 6/49 cards means that less than 1/8 cards are agendas. These decks need natural protection. The idea is to slot in Global Food Initiative when Data and Destiny drops (-3 PR, -1 PS, -1 EBC, +1 RO, +1 Aggressive Secretary). This means that there is an 80% chance the runner must access three agendas (i.e. 50% of them, requiring on average 24 accesses!) to win. You need two. And you get them in a single turn.
  2. Influence “light”. We can afford extra influence for such things because it removes the traditional requirement for Shipment from Kaguya.
  3. You can actually use a Jackson. The combo can fire off and win with only two AD/Jacksons. Slots in the combo can be replaced with cards in hand to make it more resilient to disruption (e.g. Noise).
  4. Clot-proof. Clot doesn’t really stop this. The only additional requirement is a SfMM and CVS in hand, and 3 s for CVS.
  5. Leela doesn’t matter. All agendas are scored at the end. We don’t use Efficiency Committee.
  6. FA options. It has 3x Biotic, so you can install a 5/3 in a remote (e.g. plan B against Noise, or someone who isn’t running), and still score it out next turn. If they only have a single 5/3 scored, this means that you can force them to run with the next IAA, then combo out. I want to add an Aggressive Secretary to fake this out as well. You can surprise win versus opponents if you need to score out normally. After scoring a 5/3, you IAA a VP. Biotic to score next turn.
  7. Only two Jacksons needed. There are multiple ways for the combo to go off with only one Jackson in hand, thus removing a significant weakness: we need only a single copy of the combo piece that can be trashed.
  8. Easier to understand. I believe it is easier to understand than the normal combo. There are fewer moving parts. Just lots of SfSS flying around. See Combo II below for easy mode.