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A Kickstarter for Netrunner Tokens

I wanna emphasize what you said.

Lotta shit talk in here about the tokens; most of the ire seems generated by

a)the tokens look pretty bad/weird in the pictures and videos

b)the guy has some cute ideas about what ppl need tokens for, possibly based on ONR
My reactions to both:

a)I have a bunch of penny gems for other games, and it really is hard to describe how freakin’ perfect they are for any kind of marker or token. It’s impossible to describe really (though that dude sure has tried) but the bottom line is: if you haven’t seen and touched one in person, you have no Idea what they look, feel, or play like.

b)I’ll concede this point, but honestly I feel like his heart’s in the right place. Though i would probably never use them myself (I have a good memory), he makes an excellent point that “remembering” is not a core part of netrunner gameplay.

TLDR: These tokens are really awesome in person, and impossible to describe or photograph well. just because there are a couple tokens on one of the four sheets he’s selling that you wouldn’t use doesn’t make these anything less than an awesome new token option.

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I hope this doesn’t explode here like it did over on BGG. It is what it is. FFG has ruled that memory is part of the game.

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Agreed - as I said before, I’d like to see somebody try using that “Revelation” token at Worlds…

sorry, I also don’t want this to blow up, could have been more clear with what I said…

obviously it is part of the game - what I mean is that it’s not a core part of the play, which is to say, it’s not ever what makes the game fun. If people want to use those tokens during game nights or other casual play, they are not disrupting the basics of the game at all.

Let me give you a simplistic example of what I mean: In poker, you are expected to know which hands beat which other hands. No “real” poker table in the world would allow you to consult a chart during play! And yet: it is also not an important part of what makes poker fun. No poker player has ever won a big pot because they “remembered how good a straight was” better than their opponents.

No one is hurt because the creator of these tokens included a “non tournament approved” marker that his play group would like to use, even if most others wouldn’t. These are still great tokens, and you can get plenty of the tokens you want, and simply consider those you won’t use as extras (I will).

Or, you know, don’t. whatever.

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Can we not discuss memory on this thread? Ugh…

Cyberpunk Memories

Original images didn’t really do these justice. Have some now, and I’m pretty happy with them.

The clicks are too similar in color right now, but the final print runs are supposed to fix that.

Feel is great, weight too.

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