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A:NR Images?

I was searching the net for A:NR images, but I couldn’t find a collection of “high res” card art. Is there a good place to look for them? Is there a good collection somewhere?
My best result was Google Images thus far.

That depends, do you want the art or card scans? SOme of the card art has been released in high-res, either on FFG’s page or INPRNT or similar services. Also there are artists that will give you high-res images to print on prize support if you ask nicely.

Card art, not the scans. I don’t want to print, buy or coy/edit anything, I just would like to browse through the pics.

There is an amazing collection of 259 full arts that I use for my wallpaper.

Sadly it’s no longer updated.

If the link doesn’t work. Go to Netrunner Italia (FB group) and look for the album “The art of Android netrunner”, you don’t need to be a member to see it.

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FFG released some netrunner wallpapers. Aside from that you can check the cards for artist names and look up their website. Liiga Smilshkalne and Matt Zeilinger have some of my favorites.


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Thank you all! Exactly what I was looking for! :smiley: