A:NR Roleplaying Game?

Want to hear about what you could with the A:NR universe in a roleplaying game? Maybe like hearing the dulcet tones of the UK National Champ Alex White, no matter what he’s talking about (and who wouldn’t)?

In the latest episode of our podcast, myself and my good friend Baz chat to Alex White (@vinegarymink ) about what a Netrunner RPG might look like, how would we tackle it, and ponder if it’s something FFG will grace us with - or should we just make our own?

Have a listen here and let us know what you think!


I’d think for a good start you could take the core of Cyberpunk 2020 and go from there.


I use sprawl for ANR. Technoir would also work

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The Sprawl or Interface Zero should work nicely.

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A hacker centered Cyberpunk game… Please no !

“I’ve got 10 in INT and you ? Hey you too ??? Hey guys we’re all Mensa, let’s be misfits playing with our computers against the world…”

Nanochrome for me.

Not exactly hackers but runners. Even though Netrunner is focused on computer hacking some of the cards clearly involve social and physical hacks - like Inside Job, Unregistered S&W, etc.

The Sprawl with Worlds of Android as your world book is pretty much perfect.


Yep, really cool system, works really well.

+1 The Sprawl + World of Android


The Sprawl winds up being a natural fit if you like mission-based games. When I ran it, even though I was the only A:NR player in the group, we still wound up with an entertainment company, a biotech firm, a robotics/cybernetics company, and an infrastructure/financial/aerospace company, because they’re just such iconic pieces of the cyberpunk setting. And 3 or 4 of the playbooks can start as competent hackers if you do want a cyberspace-focused game.

Just, as a word of advice, remind the players frequently how gear and intel work (maybe recommend a couple episodes of Leverage to get them into a flashback/retcon mindset), and be aggressive with the legwork clock. Otherwise they tend to get lost in the planning, especially if they’re old-school RPers used to checking for traps on every door and such.

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