Accelerated Beta Team

HBFA with TS is just as good, I know lots are playing it now; It was v1 of this deck. I felt stronger playing mid-range because I stopped losing to makers eye glory runs.

By the time I got to sansan x1, with my ICE, it was just dead weight at a 1c swing when rezzed and trashed. You play well off of the table, and you’ve got tons of cards to make people chase down remotes.

If you flop an ash into defended remote and an unprotected TS, you’ve given someone a no-win scenario without losing any tempo.

Anyway, the deck is certainly way less fun to play than running sansans and TFN and bifrost and stuff, but I like its consistency and resilience.


Why no Fast Track? If you want to be really dedicated to the ABT / TS combo,
then that card seems insanely strong to do so from early on. Also, it helps
you abuse scoring windows even more terrible. Nowadays, I would run Fast Track
in nearly everything :wink:

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Before I play Fast Track I would probably play The Future is Now, since it will fetch the agenda and with a TS on the table install it, too.


Jdalart and I top 8’d the last chance qualifier. All 4 of us playing it made top 16, final winrate across all games was something like 74.6%


Played against you, and I will say it rustled my jimmies quite a bit when you rezzed that Heimdall on hq. Those tests are absolutely devastating whenthey connect with even a single mid range ice, because now you’re free to shell out 8 - 11 credits on some monster piece of ice for a hard rez. I’m going to start testing your shell, definitely superior to mine. I’ll let you know how it goes.


@ItJustGotRielle #5installABT



That was the only runner game I lost on the day, so at least I lost it to an ABT that installed 5 cards :stuck_out_tongue: Show me anyone who comes back from that without Apocalypse haha


If I had any doubt about the shell, most of my friends finishing with better records than I this weekend solidified things.

BBG, Turing, CVS, CG, mvps. H2 saw the sky way more than I expected him too as well, never got deus’d.

Thanks for the article! Love the jokeZ

for what its worth, I had a lot of success with this deck at ANRPC MAC finals a week ago, 1st after swiss and 2nd in the cut! It’s similar but incorporates FA.

MVP was TS, used it a lot as some form of bastard anarch-style draw, dumping agendas in remotes that are orders of magnitude safer than rnd anyhow. TFIN is in there as well, that card is great, and fits with the whole deck theme of creating confusion. Mostly just here to 2nd that TS is the real deal


Yes! I’ve been waiting for you to post this list so I can copy the hell out of it. :smile:


It’s a solid deck. Starving for Food. 3 pointers are rough.

I destroyed all ETF I faced on the weekend with Kate, except @Arkidents. He’s the best.


Did you find BBG worth it with only Adonis? Looks like it could be worth cutting for 2 more ICE or even more Operation econ? Free Adonis is great, but it seems a little finicky with only 3 real targets.

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Some combination of ICE and/or Biotic Labor

Ash, Caprice and Cyberdex are real targets.



there are many ways to play the deck and my gut tells me BBG is useful in nearly all of them. if you get the right draw rush is one of the most potent. the extra creds saved on ash alone can be huge. using TS for ash or caprice in a BBG remote is way better, and faster. lots of good options for you, and bad ones for the runner


I cannot overstate how HUGE a free Cyberdex purge is at critical times against Anarchs. Against a good Noise or Val player, you will be poor a lot of times, so an Ichi rez + purge can give you quite some breathing room to recover from a virus onslaught. Getting free Ash so can save your agenda while still being able to score next turn is obviously also fantastic. Especially if you can then use the TS to put an Adonis on the BBG.


What comes out for Global Food Initiative’s influence cost? I am imagining the Crick turning into a Lotus Field, perhaps? Or some other good 1-inf ice. Maybe even Swordsman if AI is a thing?

Hey man,

Others have also asked for the post GFI build, here is my revision post D&D:

ABTeam v5

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future

Agenda (9)
3x Accelerated Beta Test
2x Global Food Initiative ••
3x NAPD Contract
1x Project Vitruvius

Asset (11)
3x Adonis Campaign
2x Eve Campaign
3x Jackson Howard •••
3x Team Sponsorship

Upgrade (7)
2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY
2x Breaker Bay Grid
1x Caprice Nisei ••••
1x Crisium Grid •
1x Cyberdex Virus Suite

Operation (3)
3x Hedge Fund

Barrier (7)
3x Eli 1.0
1x Heimdall 2.0
2x Wall of Static
1x Wraparound •

Code Gate (7)
2x Enigma
2x Tollbooth ••••
3x Turing

Sentry (5)
3x Architect
2x Ichi 1.0

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Data and Destiny

Deck built on

If the metagame shifts from Faust/Kate the Ice will change a lot more. ICE #19 could also be a tech slot if you are desperate for another one. I’ve found 19 Ice to be a good number for feeling safe firing beta tests even without jackson or TS.


Is the taxing power of NAPD that crucial? I guess, paired with Caprice/ASH. I thought the ability to overscore and/or slam out ProVits would be nice in this Noisey world.


Might be a discussion for another thread, but I consider NAPD to be worth less than 2 agenda points. I think some of the guys cutting to 1 NAPD are being too hasty. 2 provits might be worth testing, but I wouldn’t play less than 2 NAPDS.

You install-advance your 3/2s most of the time anyways.

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