Accelerated Beta Team

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Enjoyed the wit of the article. It feels like Noise punishes any deck that doesn’t rush its pants off though, so I’m surprised that you’re running 3 pointers at all. The Crisium is a great include to protect 3 pointers in R&D since you can sponsor is back out, but so many protective one-ofs seems worrisome without Biotic to fall back on.

I play ETF rush still, and I use ABT + Sponsor as a Corp Inject, which is pretty great too :smiley:


Deck’s going to love Food.


Sponsorship is awesome. I’ve been messing around with HBFA, a very standard build, but replacing the 2x Eve with 2x Sponsorship. Not sure if its the right call, but I was sold the moment I ABTed into two ICE and an ABT, which I installed to score the next turn.


The deck actually has phenomenal game against noise. Kate is harder.

@Thike playing hb correctly.


HB has always been great v. Noise with Eli, Architect, ArcMem, and Vitruvius commonly played. TS just makes it ridiculous.


This was brilliant. The wit might get old, but the idea and how it’s been worked out is amazing. I would never have thought of the combination, and I’m glad someone else did it and decided to write a clear article about it.

Reading it made my day.

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Still don’t know what the theme of Team Sponsorship cleaning up after a failed Beta Test is. You turn that dead end Project Wotan into a linebacker? Jocks beat nerds? Dunno, but I like playing it.


The distraction aspect of sports, taking the public’s eye away from the Corp’s real moves?




This is the style of HB I’ve been playing, or attempting to, for a little while now, attempting to refine it. I’ve been into the theory of ‘good stuff’ mid-range ice, with one big ice for each type. Then I wanted to add SSCG in for asset threat and potential scoring speed. I’m at 20 ice instead of the proposed 19, as another change worth noting. Breaker Bay was a nice step in the right direction (and hasn’t conflicted with SSCG worth noticing), and now I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on Team Sponsorship to try this out. Thanks for the write-up!

For reference, here’s what I’ve been using lately. I’d like to say I’ve come up with it myself, but we’re all inspired by past experiences and others’ suggestions.

The Citadel (49 cards)

[URL=]Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future[/URL]

Agenda (9)
3 [URL=]Accelerated Beta Test[/URL]
1 [URL=]Eden Fragment[/URL]
3 [URL=]NAPD Contract[/URL]
1 [URL=]Priority Requisition[/URL]
1 [URL=]Project Vitruvius[/URL]

Asset (8)
3 [URL=]Adonis Campaign[/URL]
3 [URL=]Eve Campaign[/URL]
2 [URL=]Jackson Howard[/URL]••

Upgrade (4)
2 [URL=]Ash 2X3ZB9CY[/URL]
1 [URL=]Caprice Nisei[/URL]••••
1 [URL=]SanSan City Grid[/URL]•••

Operation (8)
3 [URL=]Blue Level Clearance[/URL]
1 [URL=]Enhanced Login Protocol[/URL]
3 [URL=]Hedge Fund[/URL]
1 [URL=]Successful Demonstration[/URL]

Barrier (7)
3 [URL=]Eli 1.0[/URL]
1 [URL=]Markus 1.0[/URL]
1 [URL=]Wall of Static[/URL]
1 [URL=]Wotan[/URL]
1 [URL=]Wraparound[/URL]•

Code Gate (6)
1 [URL=]Datapike[/URL]
1 [URL=]Lotus Field[/URL]•
1 [URL=]Quandary[/URL]
1 [URL=]Tollbooth[/URL]••
1 [URL=]Turing[/URL]
1 [URL=]Viper[/URL]

Sentry (7)
3 [URL=]Architect[/URL]
1 [URL=]Caduceus[/URL]••
2 [URL=]Ichi 1.0[/URL]
1 [URL=]Ichi 2.0[/URL]

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PR misdirection doesn’t usually get you an install, thematically. My guess is that when you complete a project, you leverage the team Sponsorship deal to advertise it. Having that advertising infrastructure already in place gives you the resources to get started on the next project instead of promoting the old one.


Heh, I remember RxD4 was the ultimo move in that game. Sweet reference.

This looks a superb ETF deck. Excited to try it out, especially because of the ice spread, great to see the ol Wall of Static getting some love. Thanks for the post.


Initial thought is that team sponsorship is a dead card if you don’t score and scoring doesn’t look easy with this deck. No FA, only 1 caprice and not that much money for Ash. You actually have to (urgh) put an agenda in a server and defend it with ice. That seems a non-starter in a world with Kate.

I’ll still give it a play though, EtF is still the best ID in the game and this looks like a good ‘fair’ deck to test runners against.

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I think the flavour of Team Sponsorship is supposed to be really zoomed out. You get a benefit when you score an agenda because a sponsorship is most profitable when your team is winning.


Good article. I was thinking about ABT in rush decks, specifically Next Design and how you really need to have agendas that gain tempo when you score them. Once the 4/2 Neutral for money comes out I’ll probably spend some time making a Next rush deck work between that and ABT/sponsorship. Should be fun.


Swapping Crick out for a SanSan City Grid seems a simple change. TS can bring it back if need be. Crick is a good ice but at 3 inf seems maybe too much for the deck.


Agreed. Some FA makes sense, to accentuate ABT pressure.


CRICK!! :smiley: Crick is amazing in EtF, I can heartily recommend it to anyone who has yet to try it.

Also, the lack of D. Haas’ Pet Project in the list is a shame. That agenda is ridiculous with Team Sponsorship. Otherwise, the deck proposed seems massive fun. Props!


Even though crick is amazing in etf (or in any deck), it is also 3 influence. An architect can fill that role if needed, even if it isn’t an exact match.

SanSan is bonkers in HB, at worst you can make the runner run through your taxing remote to trash it, at best you can start fast advancing vitruvius and ABTs.

I think Pet Project is a bit overkill with Team Sponsorship. But I agree with the article, it would be nice to have “the future is now”. Together with team sponsorship it enables you to be able to install any card in your entire deck. That is insane.