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Accelerated diagnostics+ Boom for 1st turn win?

I’m not sure if this works but a friend of mine and I cant find a flaw in our logic. This is made with the assumption that when using accelerated diagnostics, you can play the the cards in any order.
Think about the following; First turn in nbn, I have Accelerated diagnostics, Jackson and power shutdown in my hand, first click I install jackson, second click I play power shutdown for all of my deck, I use jackson to put back shipment from san san, interns and boom and as my third click I play accelerated diagnostics. I play Interns to install a breaking news, I then play shipment from san san to score breaking news and lastly I play boom to kill the runner. If I’m correct this means that I can win without the runner being able to do anything. Am I correct with this assumption?

Power shutdown need the runner to make a run to works. So no.

Also you can’t score breaking news mid combo during an accelerated diagnostic stack.


Ok, I forgot the power shutdown requirement and I didn’t even know the fact that you didn’t have the window to score in the diagnostic stack. Thanks for the clarification :stuck_out_tongue:

There are multiple ways to win in the first turn, though, if you stack your deck.

I mean, you could Accelerated Diagnostics into N/A + Interns + Shipment from SanSan with a Breaking News in hand, and then you could score that and play Boom out of hand - it’s unlikely, but it is possible.

@shmeguy shows you how